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Box artwork for Sword of Mana.
Sword of Mana
Developer(s)Brownie Brown
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Year released2003
System(s)Game Boy Advance
SeriesSeiken Densetsu
Japanese title新約 聖剣伝説
Genre(s)Action RPG
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone 10+OFLC General 8+PEGI Ages 7+
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Sword of Mana (新約 聖剣伝説しんやく せいけんでんせつ, Shin'yaku Seiken Densetsu, 'New Testament Holy Sword Legend') is an enhanced remake of the original Seiken Densetsu (called Final Fantasy Adventure outside Japan), released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003.

The story follows two (unnamed) characters of which the player chooses one to control. The two characters stories and dialogue differ, depending on who you choose to play as, so there are two save slots to maximize your experience of the game (and save players from having to delete prior game data).

Players are able to alternate between playing one character and the other on the field and in battle, but they cannot change the default weapon or magic of their sidekick. The Heroines' default weapon is the staff and the Heroes' is the sword, although the main character can change their weapon and even refine it to bring out different properties.

Connectivity Feature[edit]

It was originally thought that the game would support some form of multiplayer capability. However, the only connectivity feature supported was a form of information exchange to enhance the power of the characters. The box did not adequately reflect this, leaving some players confused.

Differences between the remake and the original[edit]

  • The remake has a much richer backstory along with a better (more accurate) translation.
  • The female lead can now be a playable character, rather than in captivity for most of the game.
  • The male lead's hair has been changed to a more blond colour, while the female lead's hair was changed to a more brunette colour.
  • The remake reveals the full parentage of the female protagonist.
  • The eight magic Elementals were introduced into the remake.
  • The Sword of Mana is now a usable weapon.
  • Cannon traveling was adopted.
  • The character Isabella was added.

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