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Throughout Sword of Mana you mainly play as either the hero or heroine, depending on who you choose. However, there are several other characters that fight alongside you on your journey.



Son of Granz Realm Consul Hermann, he was on his way home to pick up his lute to make a song about Lord Granz when his home was invaded by Dark Lord's soldiers in search of heretics. He was captured by Granz soldiers as he tried to escape with the heroine and made a slave to fight in the Granz Castle arena. He blames Dark Lord for the death of his parents and seeks revenge.


The heroine of Sword of Mana was supposed to go off and seek her fortunes when soldiers from Granz attacked the village. Years after the death of woman she considered her mother, she goes off in search of the truth and the people who saved her all those years ago.



Julius is one of Dark Lord's trusted partners. Nobody knows a great deal about Julius, he is said to be neither human nor Manvole and can be very rash. He often does things behind Dark Lord's back. He was ordered by Dark Lord to eliminate the Mana Clan and raze the Mana Village.

Dark Lord[edit]

Son of Lord Granz, originally called Prince Stroud. He has a bitter hatred for the Mana Clan, calling them hoarders of mana and heretics, and ordered the execution of all those who believed in and prayed to the Mana Goddess. Those who he had captured were made slaves and forced to fight monsters in the Granz Castle arena.

Good People[edit]


A good friend of both the hero and heroine, he was captured during the razing of Mana Village and made a slave to fight in the Granz Castle arena.


One of the Gemma Knights who swore to protect the young heroine as her home village was being invaded. He brought her up until she was old enough to make her own decisions.


A young minstrel from Menos, he desires to sing at Devius Manor.


Sister of Lester and once a slave at Granz Castle.


Cibba is a very old sage and Gemma Knight Legend from Wendel who taught the Gemma Knights many years ago.


Watts is a dwarven blacksmith who resides in Wendel.


Niccolo is a travelling merchant. His prices can be pretty high, but he does offer some invaluable and exclusive items.

Bad People[edit]


This mysterious Demonic Jester hangs around Dark Lord, preying on the souls of those who are about to die.