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The Batmo is a new enemy that you will encounter, they come out at night and they can blind you, you will miss them much more than Rabites and their attack hurts but they give off double the EXP of a Rabite, a whopping 2 EXP. Remember to use the special attack when you flash green.

It is recommended that you go up to Level 6 here, choosing Magician each time, after you have a class change then it is recommended that you choose warrior or monk to increase your Attack and Defense. When you reach Level 6, go to cascade cottage to the North-West, if your character doesn't say anything near the doorway then go back to Topple and talk to everyone, then come back. There will be a letter on the table, you will pick it up then you will be confronted by the girl, her spirit (Wisp) will save you, she will then teach you about magic and Spirits then about jumping, go east two Maps then jump up the cliff to the north above the stairs then go north twice to get to Batmo Cave

A Bit Confused?
The Batmos can make you confused. You can tell when this is happening by appearance of a yellow cloud above you. While confused Neutral dpad is reversed so you have to press the opposite way to make the Hero go the way you want.
The Bebe is a daytime version of the Batmo, you are more likely to hit it and it has less HP but you still get the same amount of EXP and it has the same attack power as the Batmo.