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Niccolo the traveling merchant will catch you with his fishing rod, he wakes you up then leaves. Save at the golden Mana Goddess then exit south.

Just as you are about to enter the next screen you hear a scream from the meadow. In the next screen a Chobin Hood is attacking a travelling girl. After killing the monster the girl joins you, but before you go any further you have to find a book for her. Slash around the middle of the grass to find the book. The grass also hides various useful items such as Blink Weed, be sure to hack away at it all to find as much as possible. When ready head south to leave the meadow.

Path to Topple[edit]

Go north-east twice, go up the steps to the far upper-left and head west to find a chest containing a Gumdrop. Return to the previous screen and go down the stairs and go to the far upper-right. Go up the steps to find a chest containing an Angel Grail. Go back down the steps and take the north exit into Topple Village.