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Chobin Hood
These are ranged mobs which shoot arrows at you as you get within firing range. They can hurt the heroine very badly so it's best to keep out of the way and set the boy to hack at them with his sword.

There will be a quick cutscene here in the Meadow, then Julius will set a Chobin Hood (what a dreadful pun) on you. A mysterious boy will help you defeat it. He reassures you that he isn't a realm soldier and he will take you wherever you need to go. You now have a second party member and can change to play as him by pressing Select. He helps you find the boy's book, so once it's found go up a screen and save at the Mana Goddess statue (it's in the area adjoining the Meadow, which you haven't yet visited) and make your way back to Topple.

About now you should have leveled up at least once, and so you can choose a class to go with. It's recommended that you go with Sage or Magician class for now, as it will unlock you a special attack later on in the game.