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Here, you will see a seal, select the bow and then call Salamander to attack, the seal should break, then walk across and go north, in this area, there will be an Angel Grail, use it if the Heroine has died and she will be revitalised, then keep going and get the Small Seed, then exit south.

Lizardons are a slightly harder version of Tonpoles, just use Salamander or the sword to win.

Here, you can either go south or east, there is a ledge, jump down onto the lillies for two chests, now go south, go east again, then take the far right passage going to the South, you will fall down a hole, defeat all of the enemies for a Flail, use it to hook onto the pole near the place you started and go up the stairs, go north and use the flail to go north again, go East, North then South, save at the statue then go on South to face a boss, it is recommended that you are level 15 before trying

Pick up the mirror and the Hydra will come, it is two huge heads, beat them to find Undine - a Water Spirit. Taking the mirror to Ms. Isabella is optional but you need to take Undine to the water. Getting there will be explained in the next section.

Duck G1
Duck G1's are annoying, nothing really hits them well and Salamander is the worst, and they can throw a flail from a distance. It is recommended that you attack with your sword before it has a chance to get an attack in.
Land Leech
Land leeches are resistant to most weapons, but Salamander can smoke them


HP 170 POW 19 DEF 8 INT 18
MND 16 AGI 10 EXP 15 LV 52

The Hydra has two heads, each of them have 170 HP totalling to 340 HP. They will both poison you if you get too near so stay away and use Salamander magic with the bow. If they release a blue ball then run, when it hits a huge block of ice will fall and crush you or turn you into a snowman. If you get hit by the breath you will be poisoned so watch out. When it gets to one head it will spray much further so stay far away. This is a very frustrating fight as it is often not in range and most hits will miss.