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These birds avoid most damage including magic when flying high and can shoot multiple feathers that damage everyone infront of them, they can also do a move which prevents you from attacking. Just get the bow out and shoot it from a distance or use magic.

Leave the Vinquette Vicinity by heading south three times (there's a silver Mana Goddess enroute here and a pot to plant a Hothouse), then go north-east and north-west.

Head north and open the chest here for an Angel Grail. Return to the previous screen and head south-east, north west, west, go up and follow the ramps around and head straight up to the cave and enter.

Death Flora
These do a wide circular attack that hits all around them. Just use your sword or Salamander for these monsters, the sword is slightly better.
Tonpoles are really weak against Salamander so attack with him to win.