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Mana Goddess Statues[edit]

Silver Mana Goddesses (such as the one below) just allow you to save but the gold Mana Goddesses (also pictured below) also put your HP and MP up to full.

SoM GoldSave.png SoM SilverSave.png

Double Team[edit]

You can Press Select button to change between characters. Remember if your main character dies you lose, but it doesn't matter about the other one so it is recommended that you stay as your main character. You can change the other character's behaviour by pressing Start button and selecting stats then NPC. Press L button and R button to change character in that screen and press A button to confirm the changes.

Level Ups[edit]

Weapons and spirits can be leveled up by landing a "hit" on an enemy. When you see a weapon or a spirit symbol above your head with an Up! next to it that means it's gained a level. All weapons and spirits start out at LV 0. You can gain up to 99 levels in each weapon and spirit.

In general weapons are easier to level up than spirits, especially in the beginning of the game. The main reason for this is because, in the beginning of the game, your character's mana pool is relatively low. In order to gain experience for a spirit, you must use the spirit's attack which costs 6mp. Furthermore, in order to use the spirit's attack, you have to wait a second to launch it. Weapon "hits" can be obtained more easily, since they can be "spammed" (although it is more advantageous to time your attacks to unleash a special move).

It is also easier to level weapons because you can count the number of "hits" you've made with the Deathblow gauge. Each time you land a "hit" on an individual enemy, with a melee weapon, the Deathblow gauge goes up by 1. When you've made 30 "hits" the Deathblow gauge is at max and your character starts to flash. This makes it easy to count how many "hits" you've made and how many more you need to reach the next weapon level.

However, "hits" made while the Deathblow gauge is full still count towards the overall experienced needed to reach the next level, but wont register on the gauge, until the gauge is reset. Furthermore, the Deathblow gauge can only be reset by unleashing and hitting an enemy with the "Deathblow" attack. This attack does count as experience for each individual enemy hit, although those hits will not register on the gauge. So if you are trying to count how many "hits" are needed for the next level, you must take notice to these special cases.

A "hit" is counted every time you land a strike on an individual enemy. If your melee strike or magic attack hits 2 enemies simultaneously that would count as 2 "hits" (1 from each enemy).

The experience required to reach the next level a weapon or a spirit is 20 times the # of the next level(e.g.) To reach level level 1 with a weapon or a spirit you must make 20 hits (20 x 1) To reach level 8 you must make 160 hits (20 x 8).

The total amount of "hits" needed to raise a weapon from LV 0 to LV 99 is 99,000 hits.

If you see a Lv up! above your head that means you've gained a level. Press Start button to access the status screen where you can choose which class you want to focus on.

While the 2nd character can also level up you cannot edit their class nor what weapon or spirit they use.

Magic Tactics[edit]

To use support magic tap R button once. To cast a magic attack hold down the R button button until you hear a sound and see the spirit dancing around your character, then let go.

The weapon you have selected determines the trajectory of the magic attack. Try equipping different weapons to see the difference.

Note that support magic takes up 3 MP where as attack magic takes up 6 MP.

Physical Attacks[edit]

Don't just mash buttons manically, if you time it right and press A button after each blow after three times you will do a special and more devastating blow.

Side Quests[edit]

Townspeople can offer important information as well as side quests. Some of these can only be done before moving on while others can be completed at any time.

Different townspeople and travellers may be present at different times of the day. Try revisiting the town in the morning, noon, evening, and night.