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When you get to Wendel, there will be a short cutscene , now the cathedral is to the north but don't go there yet, there are quests to do first.

When you go North, you will hear a bard called Lester sing. After the cutscene you can talk to him. You probably should also talk to the Gray-Haired man in one of the Inn's Rooms then make sure that you have completed the Soldier and the Glittering Sword quest because you can't go back and do those again and you will miss some lucrative opportunities. Now go to the Cathedral when you've done those.


To start this quest go to the general store and talk to the man to the right of the counter, he will give you 15 leaflets to hand out, here are the locations: People and times

  1. Wendel Woman in General Store (Day, Night, Morning)
  2. Wendel Gentleman Outside Store (Day, Night, Morning)
  3. Wendel Woman Outside Store (Day, Morning)
  4. Suspicious Guy Outside Store (Night)
  5. Wendel Grandfather in area with General Store (Morning, Day, Night)
  6. Traveling Man in area with General Store (Night)
  7. Guy Who Won't Work in house near General store (Morning, Day, Night)
  8. Maiden in North Section (Day, Night)
  9. Wendel Gentleman in North Section (North East) (Morning, Day, Night)
  10. Wendel Gentleman in North Section (West)(Day,)
  11. Wendel Grandfather near fountain (Evening)
  12. Wendel Girl in North Section (Day, Night)
  13. Blacksmith's Son in Blacksmiths (Morning, Day, Night)
  14. Traveling Youth in Inn (Night)
  15. Unkempt Vagabond in Inn (Night)
When you do this you will get 440 Lucre and a piece of Dudbear's Gold
Glittering Sword
In the Inn there is a person called Vega, he is looking for a glittering sword. Find it and give it to him, he will give you 100 Lucre (Needed for Glittering Helm, Armor and Glittering Guy Quests.) Glittering Swords are a drop chance off Pincher Crabs and Mushboom, make sure they're the last mob in the area killed to get a chance of it dropping.
Heretic Hunter
Go to the inn at daytime or in the morning. South of the innkeeper, there will be a soldier called Umberto. Accept his mission to catch them. Return to Wendel at night, and go to the house in the first section of Wendel with the guy who won't work, and watch the cutscene. Return to Wendel during the morning or day, and talk to the soldier Umberto again, agreeing to lead him to the house, then return to the house. After the cutscene, you will get a piece of Dudbear's Gold, this is very helpful for later on.
The Knife
You start off talking to the girl in the west side of the Inn. Agree to find the knife, then go to the Blacksmith. Talk to the two dwarves standing next to each other, they'll talk about a dwarf that wants to quit dwarving. Go to the inn and take the north-eastern room, in the north-east corner there'll be the dwarf with the knife, talk to him and another dwarf will come in and convince him to give the knife back. Talk to the dwarf again and he'll give you the knife, return it to the girl for a Kittypie.
Barbecued Newt
If you picked up this quest from Topple then you'll need to visit the Wendel Residence in the top-left corner of the General Store area. Speak to Sasha twice and she'll tell you of a guy who liked Barbecued Newt who worked at the blacksmiths. Head into the north section and visit the blacksmiths at the north-west building. Talk to the dwarf called Navali and he'll tell you the guy who worked there left to Menos.