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Swords of Chaos
Box artwork for Swords of Chaos.
Designer(s)Mark Peterson
Release date(s)
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, Linux
TwitchSwords of Chaos Channel

Swords of Chaos is a computer game made by Mark Peterson. It is a MUD type game for the Major BBS and Worldgroup BBS software, allowing it to be played over a dial-up connection with a modem: since the advent of the internet, it is also possible to use a telnet connection or a special telnet program such as PuTTY to access a server.

Swords of Chaos is a game written in the medieval adventure cliché. The distinctive innovation of the game was a real-life timer used during combat. There is no overarching goal other than exploring, killing monsters and collecting gold in order to increase the player's level. You can also socialize with other people connected to the game and help each other out.

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