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You’ve successfully foiled SHODAN’s plans again, but the AI has another backup plan. SHODAN wants to upload her “mind” to the Earth network. To prevent this you must destroy the four antennas using explosives.

First of all, you will need four Z-44 Plastiques from the Storage Level. If you have sufficient amount of explosives, go to the level 7, otherwise read the previous part to learn how to obtain these.

Level 7: Systems Engineering[edit]

This level is big and looks like a labyrinth, but it’s really straightforward. The antennas you need to destroy are located in the far parts of the level: “northern”, “eastern”, “southern” and “western” each. Get to each antenna and blow it up. As usual, easier said than done.

Once you reach the level, look around but be careful. Two robots are hiding in two niches nearby – really hard to spot without Infrared Night Sight Unit. Another robot is to the right of you and can be destroyed with some ranged weapon. Once you clear the hall, head to the first antenna which is not far away.

The First Antenna[edit]

From the elevator turn right and make a few steps. You will see a hall to the right (“northern” direction). Destroy the robot there, turn left. You will see a door. The antenna you need is right behind that door. Get rig of its guards, open the panel on the antenna, place the explosives there and run away as fast as you can. The first antenna is gone.

The Second Antenna[edit]

Head back to the elevator and go to the left from it (“eastern” direction). You will come to the middle part of the level with a bunch of enemies guarding it. This place is hard to mistake for something else because of its symmetry and the four corridors which lead in the four different directions.

There is a Medic Autodoc to the “south” of the central room, but the door is locked for now, so head to the opposite “northern” corridor. Get ready to face a bunch of winding corridors infested with cybergs.

There’s not much to say about this part. Kill the enemies, avoid hazards and proceed to the “northern” part of the level. Once you get to the corridor which goes form “west” to “east”, you will see 3 doors in its “northern” part which lead to the antenna you need to destroy. Don’t go for it yet. Instead head “west” to the room and grab the ENG security card. Now return to the antenna and explode it.

The Third Antenna[edit]

Head to the central part of this level and turn “south”. Solve the puzzle and press the button to deactivate the force field. Head down. You will find yourself in a local medical bay with a Medic Autodoc, Recharge Station and the cyborg production facility. Since there are mines in these rooms, it’s hard to use the medical services, but it’s not impossible. Just be extremely careful.

Head back and press the button to disable the force field in the “southern” part. Go there and you will see two short corridors which lead to the same long corridor which heads “south”. You will see the force field in the end. Go there, hack the panel to disable the field and destroy the robot. Before destroying the antenna there is one thing to do here.

Head “west” and kill the cyborg there. Search his body to find Target Identifier v4. The elevator is nearby, but you don’t need it right now. When you’re done, head back to the antenna and prepare to act quickly.

As soon as you place the explosives, SHODAN will activate the force field behind your back. If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll meet the certain death. There are several ways how to stay alive:

  • Use the Reflex Reaction Aid to solve the puzzle while in slo-mo.
  • Use the Logic Probe to solve the puzzle automatically.
  • Die and get resurrected. Works only if you’ve pulled the lever in the cyborg production facility.

The Fourth Antenna[edit]

The only antenna you need to destroy now is in the “eastern” part of the level but there’s no straight path there. From the third antenna you’ve destroyed look for any door in the “eastern” part of the labyrinth. From there head “south”. There are two way: the long one and the short one but they lead to the same place.

Once you arrive in a hall you will see the only door you can enter. Get rid of all the foes waiting for you. Once you see the final antenna, you might notice a few mines. Shoot them from afar, then use the last Z-44 Plastiques to destroy the antenna. If you have any of Z-44 Plastiques left, you can throw them away now.

As soon as all antennas are destroyed, SHODAN will contact you to “congratulate” you with a bunch of new threats.