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You should have been evacuated by the escape pod, but you’re still on the Citadel Station which is about to explode. More to be told, SHODAN is planning to evacuate herself by jettisoning the Bridge Level off the station.

It’s easy to guess your next goal. Get to the Bridge and deal with the evil AI once and for all. The only way to the Bridge is through the Security Level. You can get there through the level 7. Use the elevator and get ready for action...

Level 8: Security Level[edit]

Judging by the name of the level, it’s well-protected. Be ready to face the most dangerous of SHODAN’s cyborgs and mutants.

As you exit the elevator, you will find yourself in a short corridor. Open the door to the vast hall. Don’t run forward but shoot targets one by one. There are three types of enemies there:

  • Flier-Bots are annoying. They can be really high and they constantly shoot you. Shoot them back as soon as you can.
  • Cyborg Assassins are located in the niches around the perimeter of the central construction. The niches are located on different heights and produce shadows that can hide cyborgs. Just be extremely careful.
  • Mutated Cyborgs are located in the four corners of this hall. Not really hard to deal with compared to other foes.

Enter the central construction, deal with a few cyborgs and search the place. You can find a few useful things there including Head-Mounted Lantern v3 there, a few medical items and the Recharge Station.

Use the gravity elevator in the opposite side of the hall. Be extra careful since most likely a few Cyborg Assassins will be shooting at you.

Once you arrive, destroy all the enemies so you can search the rooms and the corridors. You will find an access card, Energy/Projectile Shield v3, a button which controls a force field next to the elevator and a few more goodies.

Head up (“southern” door in the corridor) to find yourself in a hall in the “western” part of the level. Destroy cyborgs there. You will find an Environmental Protection Suit v3 and two force fields which doesn’t allow you to take Plasma Rifle LG-XX and gain access to a Recharge Station. To disable the force fields you need to reduce the security level first.

Proceed “south”, destroy a few more robots. Once you deal with them, you will find a MARK III Assault Rifle (which you don’t need if you already have one). A room contains an access keycard. Nothing more to find here.

Enter the door and face a few more enemies. You will come to the three doors. Search behind all of them. Security modules are to the left, RF-07 Skorpion and some ammo is to the right, cyberspace terminal is in the central room.

For now you must have searched the “western” part of the level. You will have to return here at least once more but now head down and to the “eastern” part of the level. Use the gravity elevator to go up. You will see a few robots which are turned off now and won’t attack you. Take all the items you can find and use the Recharge Station if you need it.

Energy barrier will be on until you press the button. Sadly, it will also activate all the cyborgs in the room. You can shoot them one by one since their AI is quite poor, but you can also place Land Mines near enemies before pressing the button to get rid of the few.

Use the elevator to go up. Face some SHODAN’s cyborgs and robots. If you’ve unlocked the cell doors when in the cyberspace, beware of the Virus Mutants as well. Don’t forget to grab a bunch of medical items from one of the cells.

Head “south” and use another gravity elevator to go down. Just as usual, you will encounter a few enemies and have a chance to take a few useful items. Also don’t miss the Recharge Station.

In a small room nearby you will encounter a Mutated Cyborg. Destroy him (it?) and press the button. For now you have scouted all rooms and halls around the perimeter of the level. By pressing the button you’ve created a bridge to the upper part of the central structure. Use it to cross the gap and enter the tall construction in the middle. Make sure you’re ready to face the point of no return. Save, if you need to.

As soon as you try to use the elevator to the last level, Diego will appear. Your strategy of fighting him doesn’t change much. Just kill (destroy?) him. He won’t teleport away this time. As soon as Diego is dealt with, three more tough enemies will appear, do be prepared.

Search Diego’s body for his personal keycard and use it to get to the last level.

Level 9: Bridge[edit]

The very last level of the game has no Medic Autodocs, so the number of health points you can restore is limited from now on. Luckily, there are a lot of First-Aid Kits in different rooms. Also enemies don’t respawn on this level except for a single one (see below).

Anyway, as soon as you enter the huge main hall, turn right and you see a short corridor. Follow this corridor to see the Recharge Station and Energy/Projectile Shield v4. Head back to the elevator and enter the hall with a suspicious-looking floor.

Press the button on the wall to fall down to the labyrinth. While in there, destroy SHODAN’s robots while looking for the access panel near the monitor. That’s the first riddle to solve here. Hack the panel. Exit the labyrinth hall and go “south” until you spot the corridor in the “eastern” wall. Enter the room.

You will find yourself in the small room with some sort of a cage. Press the button on the right to the entrance to get inside the cage. Pick up the Isolinear Chipset, then press another button and head back to the elevator.

From the elevator turn right (“western” direction) until you see the intersection. First of all continue your way forward to the local armory for some useful items. Once you’re done there, head back and turn left (“northern” direction). Press the button in the niche to reveal a robot in another niche. Destroy it, press the button to reveal another robot in another niche. Repeat the process until you activate the force bridge. Head to the panel you need to hack. Once you approach it, two more robots will attack you. Destroy them and hack the panel.

Two panels hacked, the last one remains. Go to the opposite side of the central hall and enter the room. You’ll see the Recharge Station next to the entrance, a chasm and a mutant behind the force field. If not, you must have entered the wrong room. Anyway, wait for the monster to deactivate the force field and kill him. Cross the room. You will see the labyrinth entrance. Brace yourself and, preferably, save the game.

The panel you need is located in the “northern” part of the labyrinth. You need to go “east”, then turn “north”. Sadly, this part is infested with Autobombs. Their amount is huge, and they constantly respawn, so use Energy/Projectile Shield and shoot enemies on sight. When you approach the puzzle, try to find a safe spot or just use the Logic Probe. Once the panel is hacked, head back using the “western” corridor.

In the main hall follow the “south” wall. You will see a room. Enter it, get rid of the foes and grab all the useful items you can find. It’s not mandatory, but worth time and ammo spent.

From the previous room, turn left and go to the hall in the “south-western” part of the level. Use the Isolinear Chipset there to gain access to the central part of the level. Look for the slot for the chipset and insert it.

The main hall has two entrances: one in the “west” and one in the “east”. Use either and brace yourself. The main cyberspace terminal is guarded by a ton of really strong robots. More to be told, the radiation level is high, so your health will be constantly decreasing.

Once you deal with enemies, head to the central part of this hall which is the central part of this whole level at the same time. Save your game and enter the cyberspace.

The first thing you may notice is that there is no timer. You are not limited by a few minutes but that fact doesn’t make this fight an easy one. The cyberspace is two big circles with SHODAN in the very center. Once you start, get the Pulser Combat v8 and Cybershield v8. Once you get the upgrades, follow the circular path until you will see a way to the center. Sooner or later you will encounter SHODAN.

The evil AI is a squid-looking thing which won’t attack you. She will try to upload her to your mind instead. Just attack her and hope that you’ll destroy her sooner than she fills the monitor with her pixels. If you fail, it’s game over for you. Unlike a regular death in cyberspace, there are no more second tries if SHODAN possesses you. But if you beat her, enjoy the ending.