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SHODAN doesn’t give up. The Citadel Station heads straight to the Earth, so the humankind is still in danger until the whole station is destroyed. You have to explode the station and save yourself.

First of all, you need the combination to overload the reactor. The combination consists of 6 numbers each of which you will see on the monitors near security modules once you destroy them. If you have followed this walkthrough so far, you already have 5 numbers. Only one number left – from the 5th level.

Level 5: Flight Deck[edit]

To get to the Flight Deck use either small elevator on the level 6 or the freight elevator on the level 3 or 4 which is more convenient way to reach this level.

Once you leave the freight elevator, you will find yourself on the ledge. Scout this small area, destroy rival robots (preferably with firearms) and try not to fall down. You will find the puzzle not far from the elevator. Solve it to create the force bridge.

Once you cross the hall, turn right and climb the ladder. You will find yourself in the narrow corridor. Just follow it until you see the intersection. You will see a hangar to the right and a room with a set of security modules to the left.

You will also see containers with something radioactive inside. Surprisingly, if you destroy them, the radiation level will decrease. Destroy robots and the modules and write down the final number needed to destroy the reactor. If you’d like, follow the corridor to the “east” and activate the cyborg production facility.

Now you need to meet the survivors personally. Look for the corridor which leads “south”. It will lead you to two tall round structures with gravity elevators. Use switches and your own skill to reach the hideout and learn that the humans couldn’t survive the attack of a Cortex Reaver – a robot controlled by a human brain. You couldn’t have saved them anyway.

Get rid of this robot and search dead bodies. You will also find an Assault Rifle MARK III. Proceed to the elevator and go to level R through a few interim levels.

Reactor Level[edit]

The reactor is in the middle of the level and it’s really dangerous location due to high hazardous level and a big group of enemies. You need an Environmental Protection Suit, good firearms, a few medical items. And don’t forget where you can heal yourself and get radiation treatment (a button in the end of the winding corridor in the medical room).

There are a few ways to enter the reactor. The doors on the upper floor (they were blocked on your first visit here) are a better choice since you can retreat through them when you need to. The blue force road on the lower floor doesn’t allow you to get away quickly. Anyway, head to the gravity elevator in the center of the reactor. Enter the three numbers obtained on the levels 1, 2 and 3. You will hear the sound. Enter the numbers from the levels 4, 5 and 6. Pull the lever and get away.

In some versions of the game the code is 539579. In some versions of the game the code is generated at random.

In any case, the floor will start shaking for a few seconds. The shaking will occur from time to time. It doesn’t allow you to aim at far-away targets but other than that it’s completely harmless. You might think that your time is limited and you must hurry, but that’s not true. Don’t allow shaking to confuse you and take your time.

For now prepare your best weapons and head to the elevator. You will see a few robots, mutated cyborg and a pair of hoppers. Destroy them and head to the level 5. On your way there you might encounter a pack of enemies. Don’t rush headlong and proceed to the Flight Deck carefully.

Level 5: Flight Deck[edit]

You need to evacuate yourself, but once you appear on the level, Diego will contact you. He wants another meeting with you and now he’s prepared for the fight (not). Since he guards the escape pods, you can’t miss him anyway.

You need to get to the “eastern” part of the level. You will see two hangars there. Destroy the enemies in the hangars and jump down. You will see a door which leads to the escape pods. If you’re in the “northern” hangar, the door to the escape pods is in the “southern” part of the hall and vice versa.

Go to the pods and fight Diego. Use your Laser Rapier with Berserk Combat Booster or prepare your best firearms. As usual, Diego will retreat by teleporting from you as soon as you deal him sufficient amount of damage. Obtain First-Aid Kit from each of the escape pods (code 001) and pull the lever to leave the Citadel Station.