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After destroying the laser you learn that SHODAN has a backup plan. She is going to use some virus against the humanity. The virus is ready to be used, so your task is to prevent this from happening.

Before hushing headlong to the Executive Level, visit a few more levels to gain some power-ups and new items. For now head for the Level 3.

Level 3: Maintenance Level[edit]

The main problem of this level is a high population of Inviso-Mutants. They are not invisible, but they are transparent and hard to see. They also have a small frame so you will have to be very precise to hit them. As if that’s not enough, Inviso-Mutants can shoot poisonous missiles. And yes, they respawn as well.

Search this place and find the Laser Rapier TS-04 – this is a melee weapon but it’s really powerful. For a small amount of energy consumed with each strike it deals huge amount of damage. You can throw away the Lead Pipe now. Combined with Reflex Reaction Aid, Berserk Combat Booster, Energy/Projectile Shield and/or Turbo Motion Booster System it makes you nearly invulnerable, just make sure to have all medical items and sufficient amount of energy.

To get the rapier go up the stairs next to the “southern” part of the level (starting from the elevator, turn right twice). Destroy the robot. Search the furthest room to get this weapon.

Now scout the level. You have access to the hall in the middle, corridor around it and a few rooms here and there. Four doors to four winding corridors are inaccessible for now. All you can do is turn on the cyborg production facility and destroy the security modules. Write down the third number on the monitors. You will find the door to Abe Ghiran’s office, but you can’t access it yet. Just don’t mind it for now.

Search the middle hall (with freight elevator). You will find a room with the Recharge Station nearby. Search it for Head-Mounted Lantern and Ghiran’s Head. Don’t throw it away, you’ll need it later.

Activate the gravity lift and head up to get some ammo and hardware attachments. There’s nothing more to do here, so head to the big elevator and to the 4th level. If nothing happens as you push the level button, close the doors of the elevator first.

Level 4: Storage Level[edit]

You need to get the Environmental Protection Suit suit here. Cyborgs and robots on this level are vulnerable to your newly-obtained rapier. Still, you need to find a way to approach them since many of these enemies possess ranged attacks.

Once you’ve reached the level, go to the big doors, but don’t enter them. Turn right instead, then right again to see the door. Enter it and you will find a small room with two doors. Since the door on the right is blocked, proceed to the door in front of you. Destroy the security modules and write down another number you’ll see on the monitors. Now the Recharge Station you’ve just passed by is accessable.

How head back and turn left from the elevator. You will find yourself in the opposite side from the elevator. There is a room with two gravity lifts there. One of them leads you to cyborg conversion room, another one to the office of Sabo Engle (access code is 838). Take the Enviro-Suit, the gun and one Z-44 Plastique.

You will have to return to this level to complete the next mission if you’ve obtained less than 4 Z-44 Plastiques. If you want to do so, just proceed to the next Level 6. If you want to save your time later, read further.

Go to the “upper left” corner of the level to the warehouse. It’s a big hall with two floors. Destroy all the enemies and find the button which activates all the gravity lifts up above. Right after that a few more enemies will approach you. Get rid of them, preferably one by one, then go up.

By jumping from one platform to another (timing is an asset!) you will reach a room with a ton of Z-44 Plastiques, ammo and drugs. You need 4 Z-44 Plastiques in total.

Once your job is done here, head back to level 3. From the elevator there go to the “northern” part of the corridor. You will se the elevator there which will bring you to the 6th level. Use it.

Level 6: Executive Level[edit]

Once you get to this level, destroy two cyborgs. Since the action takes place in a small room, Laser Rapier is a good weapon to get the job done. Very soon you will find the Cyberspace Terminal. Use it to get access to Edward Diego’s office, one of the elevators and learn the access code (711).

To the right (“east”) is the corridor which leads to the cyborg production facility. Destroy three cyborgs there, then follow the long corridor to the hall. Search it for the ADM access card and a Flechette AM-27.

Now you need to visit three groves. There are four ones, but the Gamma Grove has already been jettisoned. You can visit the Alpha Grove and the Gamma Grove which are not too far away. You can also visit the Beta Grove but it’s too far away for now.

All Groves are pretty much the same. Destroy all security cameras to unlock the doors while fighting mutated plants, animals and Security Bots. The fact that all Groves are really small has its pros and contras. On the one hand, you can easily find and destroy cameras and grab the goodies. On the other hand, it’s next to impossible to avoid constantly spawning enemies. Be quick since you will be constantly receiving damage from the radiation!

Alpha Grove contains Target Identifier and Ion Pulse Rifle. Delta Grove has Night Sight Unit. Once you obtain the goodies, search the level. In the “lower-right” part you will find the Navigation & Mapping Unit, the “upper-right” part contains the Jump Jet. Lower the security level to open the door, then defeat three robots to get the jet.

Go to the Beta section of the level 6 (not the Beta Grove!) to see a few destroyed cabinets. Enter the code (711) on the key panel, crouch and go to the tunnel. The tunnel itself is really long, but you can run there while still crouching. You will see the room on the left. Destroy all the security modules there and write down the number you will see on the monitor – the last one. Pick up the Bioscanner, return to the corridor and follow it.

Once you will leave the narrow corridor, you will find yourself in a hall with a bunch of rival robots. Either shoot them from the cover or use medical drugs and suit power-ups and slay them with the Laser Rapier.

Pull the lever and face Diego himself, half a man and half a robot now. His attacks are very powerful, but one or two hits with the Berserk Combat Booster and the Laser Rapier will defeat him. Since his AI is very poor, you can just shoot him while using the cover. Anyway, you can’t destroy him yet. Once Diego receives sufficient amount of damage, he will teleport himself away from you.

Search the place for the jettison lever. It’s somewhere to the left of the door. Try to use it but it won’t do because of a broken relay on the 3rd level. Search Diego’s room and use his personal teleport (shortcut, yay!) to get to the elevator. Use it to reach the 3rd level again.

Level 3: Maintenance Level[edit]

Before replacing the broken relay you need to find out which one is broken and where it’s situated. Read the journal near the Ghiran’s cabinet. You will see the screen. Enter the broken relay ID (428).

Get the Interface Demodulator and head to the “western” set of corridors. Scout the place and pick up the Railgun MM-76. Search this place a bit more to find the relay you need (428). Use the demodulator on the broken part to restore it and make the jettison lever working again.

Before heading to the Executive Level you can find some useful stuff on this level. Search each labyrinth of corridors to destroy a camera in each section and maybe find some goodies. Find 11 more cameras in the main section of the level to reduce the security level. Once its value is low, head to Ghiran’s office and use his severed head on the scanner.

Now the doors are opened. Enter the office and kill the cyborg inside. Take the Enviro-Suit upgrade and grab some other useful loot. Your mission is complete here, head for the Executive Level.

Level 6: Executive Level[edit]

Head back to where you were fighting Diego and pull the jettison lever. Now go to the Beta Grove lobby and you will see that it’s been infested with mutants. Deal with them.

Nothing prevents you from pulling the lever now, so do it. You’ll see another short movie. SHODAN is really unhappy with your actions now.