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Box artwork for Taboo: The Sixth Sense.
Taboo: The Sixth Sense
Developer(s)Rare Ltd
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
TwitchTaboo: The Sixth Sense Channel

Taboo: The Sixth Sense is a fortune telling program that was released on the NES specifically for consumers in the U.S. This cartridge does not involve any type of "game"; it is only used to tell one's fortune.

All that has been
And all that will be
Is here for you to know
Dare you glimpse the future
Dare you even ask..?

The time machine on Nintendo!

How to "play"[edit]

  1. Turn on the game.
  2. Press Start button.
  3. Enter your name. Use Neutral dpad to select a letter or the backspace character, "RUB", and press A button or B button to confirm. When finished, select "END".
  4. Enter your "birthdate" in the form of "MM.DD.YY". If you submit an impossible value (i.e. the 32nd day or 13th month), all six numbers will be erased. Select "END" to finish.
  5. Enter your sex (F or M).
  6. Enter a question.
  7. Wait for the cards to be dealt. As each description appears, press any button (except Neutral dpad) to go on to the next card.
  8. On the "Fortune Numbers" screen, press A button to shift the state abbreviations right, or B button to shift them left. When you have the correct state selected, press Select button to change the amount of numbers you need for the system (state lottery, etc.) you are trying to predict. Use Neutral dpad to adjust the minimum and maximum values of the numbers: Up dpad/Down dpad adjust the maximum number while Left dpad/Right dpad adjust the minimum. Finally, press Start button to display your lucky numbers. Pressing any button on this screen will return you to the title screen.

Tarot reading[edit]

This tarot deck is made up of 56 cards from the Minor Arcana (Ace, 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, King), and 22 cards from the Major Arcana (The Magician, Hanged Man, Tower, Death, etc.). For the suits, it uses Staves, Coins, Cups, and Swords.

The readings are meant for you to interpret them as you will, but it follows the same order every time (different cards and different interpretations are read). Some of the following cards have parentheses next to them; these are generalized interpretations of what the card describes:

  1. You (no reading, just a card)
  2. Significator
  3. Crossing
  4. Crowning
  5. Base of the matter (presently, why things are)
  6. Past influences (the way you once were or certain things that affected you)
  7. Forthcoming influences (the way you will be in the future or things that will affect you)
  8. Where one finds oneself (your comfort zone, what you do, your goal in life, where your efforts are put forth)
  9. Views of others (how others view you)
  10. Hopes and fears (how you feel now or will feel)
  11. Final outcome (conclusion)