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  • Left dpad or Right dpad: Move Takeshi left or right through whatever screen he is in.
  • Down dpad: Usually used to make Takeshi squat (he cannot be punched while squatting), but also used to access certain screens, such as in the treasure cave.
  • Up dpad: Used to rise from the squatting position, and to access different buildings or blocks from the street.
  • A button: Press the A button to attack. Also used to select menu options and subscreen choices.
  • B button: Press the B button to jump. If you press B while squatting, you will perform a much higher squat-jump. Also used to cancel out of menus.
  • Start button: Used to pause the game (even during the title screen.)
  • Select button: Used to access the subscreen.

Second controller[edit]

On the original Japanese Famicom, the second controller contains a microphone. The microphone is needed to clear certain sections early on in the game. In the event that you cannot use your microphone, or you do not have a microphone available, you can alternately use A button on the second control pad. However, to do this, you must first enable it by pressing Down dpad+A button (on the second control pad). Once you do this, pressing A will be the same as using the microphone.

The subscreen[edit]

Takeshi no Chousenjou Subscreen.gif

The subscreen shows information pertaining to Takeshi's current status, and provides some options during gameplay. The number on top shows the amount of money that Takeshi is currently holding. The number below that shows his current level of health in hit points (out of a possible 127). Below that number is a list of inventory items. At the bottom of the screen are a couple of options, which you must select with the A button. The options are as follows:

Option Translation Description
もどる Return Leave the subscreen and return to the game.
おわる Finish Choose this to get a password that will allow you continue from where you left off after you turn off the machine. You will then be asked if you would like to continue, to which you may respond yes (top option), or no (bottom option)
はなしかた Way of talking Use this to switch between the languages that you have learned from the BG Culture Club
こうげき Attack Use this to cycle through any available weapons that you have (including the option to fight unarmed).


Takeshi no Chousenjou Takeshi.png

You control Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano, better known as Beat Takeshi, through a (typical?) day in his life. He's had it with his job and his wife, and he wants a change of pace. He's going to give up his normal life and become a treasure hunter, and it's your job to help him do it. But in order to help him, you need to forget everything you think you know about playing a video game. As the cover on the box says, "Common sense is dangerous." Takeshi must not be concerned about the world around him; he has to look out for number one. In order to do this, he will have to master several skills from the BG Culture Club, learn how to fight and survive in the mean city streets, and travel to far off Polynesian islands.

Walking along the streets[edit]

No more than three people or creatures other than yourself will ever occupy the screen at one time. Most of the people that Takeshi will (literally) run into are harmless bystanders. But occasionally, Takeshi will cross paths with a Yakuza member, or a crooked cop, who will start wailing on him mercilessly. To counter these attacks, Takeshi can throw punches of his own. However, health is scarce, so it's important not to allow Takeshi to take too much of a beating. You have two recourses at your disposal if you are feeling overwhelmed:

  • You can visit the Gold Bar at the end of one of the blocks and drink Tequila for $8000, which restores 16 hit points for each drink.
  • You can cheat and "reset" the screen by entering the subscreen. Pressing Select to access the subscreen and returning to the game clears the screen of all inhabitants, although they will quickly return.

The last technique is especially helpful towards the end of the game when it's possible to become surrounded by very strong enemies quickly. Later on in the game, after you've left Japan, it is possible to acquire a gun. Gun bullets do the same damage as four punches, and they never run out of bullets. You can hold the A button down to fire constantly, although you can only ever have one bullet at a time. When you get the holy stone, you can also use that as an unlimited weapon. It's slower than the bullets, but it does 6 punches worth of damage.