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Box artwork for Takin' It to the Hoop.
Takin' It to the Hoop
Publisher(s)Aicom, NEC Corporation
Year released1990
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Takin' It to the Hoop, released in Japan as USA Pro Basketball (USAプロバスケットボール?), is a basketball game developed by Aicom for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16. It was originally published in Japan by Aicom in 1989, and then in North America by NEC Corporation in 1990. It features teams of five athletes. It uses cutaway scenes whenever a player dunks the ball, or performs a free throw. In these cutaways, the players look more realistic, in contrast to their cartoon look on the court.

The game features eight non-licensed American teams:

  • Seattle
  • L.A.
  • Honolulu
  • HI AG (Midwest)
  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Miami

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