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Watch the opening scene that explains a bit of the back story while you get an overview of the land. Finally we zoom into our destination, where this journey will begin.


Items Magic Lens
Titles Klutz (Colette)
Skits It'll Be Fine

After the cutscene go around the classroom and talk to everyone. Make sure to talk to everyone several times, since they sometimes have more things to say. When you're finished talking to everyone, try and leave the classroom. Choose the first choice when you get the chance. After the scene, Colette and Genis will join you.

Before leaving make sure you examine the hole in the wall to view a short scene, and get a new title for Colette. Be sure to talk to the boy with the Blue Hair to get a Magic Lens.

Leave the school room and you can either explore the town a bit or head through the exit just right of the school. There is a save point next to this to save the game before leaving. As you leave the town, you will get into a series of battles that are used to introduce you to the combat system.