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Titles are used in Tales of Symphonia to modify the characters stats as they level up. When placing a title on a character, it has no immediate effect. Once the character levels up, the title currently on him or her will boost certain stats. For instance, Lloyd's Drifting Swordsman title will cause a +1 HP, +2 STR, +2 DEF increase in stats on top of the standard increase upon level. Changing titles does not retroactively increase or decrease stats, however, it will only affect future levels.

Titles marked with an asterisk(*) indicate that it changes the characters costume. This is a list of the titles that each character may acquire by default or by satisfying certain criteria throughout the game.

Lloyd Irving[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Swordsman One who trains his body and soul to fight the enemy with all his might. Default Title None
Drifting Swordsman The boy sets out on a journey, bearing his sins. Do not forget the past. Get after being banned from Iselia +1 HP, +2 STR, +2 DEF
Eternal Swordsman The sword promises eternity, and its radiance will transcend time and space. Get after receiving the Eternal Sword +7 HP, +7 STR, +6 DEF
Gentle Idealist The ideals he holds may be unrealistic, but many are moved by his heart. Get after going to Mizuho for the first time +1 TP, +4 DEF, +4 INT
Peeping Tom Even if it's a false accusation, it's not good to be a peeping tom! With Zelos in the party, talk to the pastor at the Hot Spring. Choose 'Females' the second time around or later +5 INT, +5 EVA
Midlife Crisis A title for you who scrutinized the middle-aged men racing across the desert. Clear Uncle game in Triet after returning to Sylvarant Base +1 TP, +6 INT
Gourmet King A charismatic master of the culinary arts with a golden tongue. Get all the recipes, use Lloyd as your avatar and talk to the Wonder Chef in the Altamira Cafeteria +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Nobleman* You gotta try on something new. You're always wearing what Dirk made. Get during sub-event "Dance Party" None
Arrgh, Me Hearties* The ocean & humanity's first frontier. The title given to one who loves the sea. After rebuilding Luin, speak to Aifread at the dock, leave Luin, return and speak to Aifread again None
Beach Boy* A snorkel, goggles, and flippers. How can you say you don't like the ocean? Get during beach event at Altamira None
Sword of Swords A gladiator who fights only believing in his victory. His swordplay rallies the crowd. Complete Advanced Single Mode at the Coliseum using Lloyd +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Tactical Leader Friendship. Strength. Victory. Trust and teamwork brings ultimate glory. Complete Party mode at the Coliseum with Lloyd in the party +3 TP, +5 INT, +5 EVA, +5 ACC
Grand Swordsman The lofty spirit that lives by the sword. His skillful attacks could be called art. Reach Level 20 +4 HP, +4 STR, +3 DEF
Master Swordsman The demonic thrusts could create a whirlwind. The title represents his strength. Reach Level 40 +5 HP, +5 STR, +4 DEF, +4 ACC
Holy Sword A man who has reached the pinnacle of battle. He commands respect from all. Reach Level 100 +10 DEF, +10 EVA
Combo Newbie The title given to those who have completed a 10-hit combo. Combo over 10 hits (during battle) +3 STR, +3 ACC
Comboist The title given to those who have completed a 30-hit combo. Combo over 30 hits (during battle) +1 TP, +4 STR, +4 ACC
Combo Expert Combo, combo, combo! The title given to those who have completed a 60-hit combo. Combo over 60 hits (during battle) +6 HP, +2 TP, +6 STR, +3 ACC
Combo Master He who crosses countless hurdles and completes a 100-hit combo. Combo over 100 hits (during battle) +10 TP, +5 ACC
Tetra Slash Execution of the four combo attack by linking a Special Attack to a normal combo. Get a combo using three different types of normal attacks and then a Special Attack. +2 HP, +2 STR
Lone General The title for a lonely warrior who gave orders when no one was there. Fight a battle with everybody but Lloyd knocked out and give orders. The party must contain at least two people. +2 DEF, +3 EVA
Boorish General Shortcuts to do this, do that! The title for the one who loves giving orders. Use 10 shortcuts during battle +1 TP, +3 INT
Brave Soul He who does not turn his back on enemies will be awarded this title. Clear the battle with Yuan without running away from battles up to that point +5 HP, +5 STR, +4 DEF, +4 EVA
Gung Ho Who cares what level the enemy is! The title for those who love to rush in and fight. Defeat Rodyle with 4 characters whose total combined level is 145 or less +6 HP, +2 TP, +5 DEF
Eternal Apprentice He who earns this title never doubts the strength of a Wooden Blade. Clear the Kilia battle having only using the Wooden Sword up to that point +3 HP, +2 STR, +2 DEF, +4 EVA, +3 ACC
Berserker The title given to a true warrior who has an undying lust for battle. Fight 256 battles on hard or mania difficulty levels +10 HP, +10 STR, +6 ACC

Colette Brunel[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Fledgling Chosen I'm still a fledgling but to save the world&Her smile heals the most wounded of souls. Default Title None
Klutz The countless miracles come naturally. Is it okay to make a hole in the wall at school? In the classroom, Iselia, examine the hole in the wall +1 HP, +1 STR, +1 ACC
Ill-fated Girl A sacrificial lamb to save the world. Can't allow it even if she chose it herself Automatically get it at Sybak +3 HP, +3 STR
Spiritua Reborn The angel of death sent from the heavens bringing death to any who oppose her. Not! You will get automatically it during the game in Meltokio +4 HP, +5 STR, +3 EVA
Dog Lover She runs, and she falls. To gives all the dogs in the world a name full of love.... Use Colette as your avatar to talk with all the dogs in the game +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Ironing Board I'm like an ironing board. Or so we hear. At the Hot Spring, if you go peep on the girls a second time. Colette will eventually call herself an ironing board +5 HP, +4 DEF
Turbo Waitress Oriental Rice in the right hand, and BBQ Combo in the left. The waitress is called. Complete the Waitress mini-game in Palmacosta +2 DEF, +2 INT
Charismatic Chef The ultimate chef, who knows the difference between sugar and salt. Master All Recipes and talk to the Wonder Chief in Altamira +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Fair Lady* Gorgeous and brilliant. Wrapped in a silk dress, you're my fair lady. Get during sub-event "Dance Party" and talk to Colette during the party None
Maid* A maid, Such a charming occupation. A uniform, such an appealing outfit. Use Colette as your avatar and speak to all the serving staff in the castle in Meltokio None
Mermaid* A white swimsuit and a bright smile! You're the sunshine in my heart! Pick Colette during the beach event at Altamira None
Supergirl Um, I went boom! And bam!... And then I won!(According to her) Complete advanced single mode in coliseum using Colette +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Chosen She is the daughter of an angel. With her powers, she sacrifices herself to restore the world. Reach Level 20 +2 TP, +3 INT, +2 ACC
Tiny Angel The holy title given to the one who has superhuman power and limitless love. Reach Level 40 +4 STR, +4 INT, +3 ACC
Angelic Maiden The title of light given to the goddess who flies through the heavens. Reach Level 100 +10 HP, +10 DEF
Little Pickpocket I'm no thief! The enemies just give me items! Use "Item Rover" and "Item thief" for a total of 400 times +6 HP, +6 STR, +6 DEF
Oblivious Are you alright? It might be a good idea to cure that status abnormality soon. Enter a battle with Colette poisoned and win the battle without curing it +3 HP
Single Minded Just one absolute belief. The title given to a very single-minded person. Use the same level 1 special attack 10 times in battle +1 TP, +2 ACC
Self-Control End a battle without Special Attacks. A title given to someone who is very hard on herself. Don't use special attacks in a battle +1 DEF, +1 INT
Don't Run! Finish a battle without dashing. Always greet with a smile, and don't be late! Don't run during battle (You must control Colette) +1 TP, +1 EVA
Friendship First Sacrifice none in battle. A heartwarming title for those who value teammates. Have nobody die until the battle with Iubaris. +3 HP, +3 TP, +3 STR, +3 DEF, +3 INT, +3 EVA, +3 ACC

Genis Sage[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Magic User The first title given to those who study magic. Follow the path of sorcery! Default Title None
Honor Roll The brightest student in town. He has three times the normal brainpower! Before Colette loses her voice and Palmacosta is destroyed, complete the "Academy Challenge" sub-event inside the Palmacosta Acadamy. +1 INT, +1 ACC
Friend It's awkward talking about it, but it represents the bond between the two. Gained during the sub-event "Genis and Mithos' Adventure!" +4 STR, +3 DEF
Little Chef I'm the best at cooking! The best! Master all recipes with Genis and speak to the Wonder Chef in Altamira with Genis as your avatar. +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Easter Sunday* A new shirt and pants are laid out for this day. You better behave yourself! Speak to Genis during sub-event "Dance Party" None
Katz Katz Katz* A miracle of love brought by a bit of kindness. A very heartwarming tale! In the Meltokio slums you can find a Katz being chased around. After this, you'll have a scene with Genis, and then you must go to the item shop. Speak with the Katz here, then return to Sylvarant and go to the Katz village in the far northwest. Speak to the Elder of this village, and then return to the Meltokio slums to receive the title. None
Beach Comber* Straw hat and sandals. Older women won't be able to resist. Pick Genis during the beach scene at Altamira. None
Brotherly Love You need me, sis. You can't do laundry and your cooking can only be called destructive. After returning to Iselia from the Temple, and before going to Dirk's house, speak to Raine inside the Iselia schoolhouse. +1 HP, +1 DEF
Item Collector Congratulations, you got all of the items! The Collector's Book is now complete! Speak to Koton after acquiring all items and completing the item book. +10 HP, +10 STR
Figurine Collector Congratulations, you've recorded everyone's name! The Figurine Book is complete! Speak to Harley in Asgard after completing the Figurine Book +10 STR, +10 DEF
Strategist Such a young child shouldn't be so good at bargaining and strategizing. Beat the red light/green light minigame at the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge once it is open. +2 HP, +3 STR
Ultimate Kid The title given to small heroes. His magic can slice through the toughest of foes. Use Genis to complete the Advanced Single Mode at the Coliseum +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Mana Master A master of mana and reason. That's what the people called the boy with godlike powers. After Heimdall is destroy, you gain this title once you learn Meteor Storm there. +3 TP, +5 INT, +5 EVA, +2 ACC
Sorcerer The title for the one who controls the flow of mana with intelligence and technique. Reach Level 20. +2 HP, +1 TP, +1 ACC
Warlock His power pierces the heavens. His strength strikes fear into all living souls. Reach level 40. +3 HP, +2 TP, +1 INT, +2 ACC
Experimental Maybe this, or maybe that. The title given to those who change their weapons often. Switch weapons 5 times or more during battle. +1 HP, +1 STR, +3 ACC
Study Harder! That attack has no effect! A title for one who kept using the wrong elemental attack. Use magic in battle that an enemy is resistant to 10 times or more. +2 EVA, +2 ACC
Dependent I don't want to do anything. A title for one who finished a battle doing nothing. While in control of Genis, finish a battle doing nothing. +1 DEF +1 INT
Magic Cycle The title given to he who used every kind of elemental attack in one battle. Use a spell of each element at least once during a single battle. +1 TP, +2 INT
I Hate Gels! It's amazing that you've made it this far without using any gels in battles! Use no gels in battle until your first encounter with Pronyma in the Fooji Mountains. +3 HP, +1 TP, +3 STR, +3 DEF, +3 INT, +3 EVA, +3 ACC

Raine Sage[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Teacher A work filled with dreams, her job is to teach her students the joys of learning. Default Title None
Archaeological Mania If there's a ruin in the east, she'll be there. If there's one in the west, she'll be there too. Get from an event at Triet Ruins. +1 TP, +2 INT
Grand Healer Using her energy from within, she can give her allies both salvation and healing. Get from the event where the Unicorn Horn is received. +1 TP, +2 STR, +2 DEF
Passable Chef? It wasn't that close of a shave! Nobody got sick (according to her). Master all recipes with Raine and speak to the Wonder Chef in Altamira with Raine onscreen. +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Glamorous Beauty* The perfect body! The title for a glamorous adult woman. Speak to Raine during the "Dance Party" sub-event. None
Maiden* It's a charming word, part 2. A pity that it's not a white kimono with a red skirt. Using Raine as your avatar, go to the large stone slab at the Asgard ruins. None
No, Not the Sun!* It's better to read under an umbrella. The sound of the waves calms you. Choose Raine during the "Beach Party" sub-event. None
Sisterly Love The title given to an older sister who is strict but at times, kind as a mother. After the Triet Ruins, go back to Triet and a scene will occur as soon as you walk in town. +1 STR, +1 ACC
Monster Collector She knows every creature that roams the world. Her research may aid humanity. Talk to the gypsies once the Monster List is completed +3 TP, +10 INT
Gladiator Queen A warrior who has trampled every enemy. The audience is astounded by her power. Using Raine, complete the Coliseum's Advanced Single Mode. +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Researcher Her dedication has surpassed study itself; she can't stop flaunting her knowledge. Reach Level 20. +2 HP, +3 INT
Professor Her vast knowledge cannot be expressed in words& People call her the Professor. Reach Level 40. +4 HP, +8 DEF, +4 INT, +2 EVA
Wisewoman The title for the noble one who sees through the laws of the cosmos. Reach Level 100. +10 HP, +10 INT
Item Keeper Even if I know it is an important job, it does not mean that I would want it. In one battle, have Raine use the same item at least 5 times. +3 DEF, +3 EVA
Crimson Rose It blooms beautifully, because it is so close to death. But don't forget, it still has thorns! Go into battle with 4 women in the party. +4 INT, +4 EVA
Never Say Never From countless deaths, the Phoenix rises. The title for the one who keeps coming back. In one battle, have Raine die at least 5 times. +5 HP, +4 DEF
Survivor Lonely as a castaway alone on an island. The title for the lone survivor. Finish a battle as Raine and be the only survivor. +2 HP, +1 TP, +2 STR, +2 DEF, +2 INT, +2 EVA, +2 ACC

Kratos Aurion[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Mercenary He travels the world, trusting only his own powers. His skills are for sale, not his loyalty. Default Title None
Traitor A silent warrior who betrayed all trust. No reasons are given to those left behind. After Martel loses control, you receive this at the Iselia Ranch. +2 TP, +2 DEF, +2 INT
Dad A name I will never be called, and did not seek, until now. Get during scene "Childhood Memories" +3 INT, +3 EVA, +3 ACC
Gourmet Master A star of the cooking world with 4,000 years of knowledge in the ancient arts. Master all recipes with Kratos, then speak to the Wonder Chef in Altamira as Kratos. +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Judgment* He was the ancient hero of yore. But now, he is one of the enemies of the world. Gained automatically. None
Conqueror There is no looking back. There is nothing left for losers, so I must fight on. At the Coliseum, complete Advanced Single Mode with Kratos +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Magic Swordsman His attacks will crush the earth and frighten the evils of this world. Get level 20 +2 HP, +1 TP, +1 INT
Battle God He kills all who are in his way. He is beyond beast or man. He can only be called a god. Get level 40 +3 TP, +2 STR, +1 INT
War God A powerful force itself. His battle spirit will tear the earth and shake the heavens. Get level 100 +10 HP, +10 INT, +5 ACC
Tetra Slash Execution of the four combo attack by linking a Special Attack to a normal combo. Perform a combo with 3 regular attacks followed by a special attack. +2 HP, +2 STR

Sheena Fujibayashi[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Mysterious Assassin An assassin who kills in the darkness of twilight with shadows of sorrow in her eyes. Default Title None
Summoner A title for one who controls non-humans with the power of amulets and mana. Make a pact with both the Water and Lightning Summon Spirits. +1 TP, +3 INT
Elemental Summoner Title to one who opened the six gates to the three worlds and controls their mighty power. Make pacts with the Summon Spirits of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, and Lightning. +2 TP, +4 INT, +3 ACC
Master Summoner The title for the great one who can even summon the gods. Make pacts with all of the Summon Spirits. +3 TP, +5 INT, +4 ACC
You Look Great* Um, uh, Don't make fun of me!! Talk to Sheena at the "Dance Party" sub-event None
Successor* The successor of the Igaguri style. She leads the Mizuho to protect their tradition. In Mizuho, speak to the ninja outside the Chief's Hut, then go inside and speak to Tiga. Return to the Lightning Temple, where you fought Volt, and after a few scenes, you'll get the title. None
Queen of the Beach* She does not seem to be aware of it, but all eyes are glued on her. Choose Sheena at the "Beach Party" sub-event None
Master Cook Title given to the culinary master who raised home-style cooking to the highest level. Master all recipes and talk to the Wonder Chef at the Altamira Cafeteria with Sheena as the onscreen character. +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Treasure Hunter Travel the two worlds, over every terrain in search of new territories and treasures. Open every dungeon treasure chest, then talk to the sleeping Katz in Katz' Village with Sheena onscreen. +5 STR, +5 DEF, +10 INT
WOW! So glamorous! Zelos is in the party. Talk to the pastor at the Hot Spring. .Choose 'Females' in the second or later conversation. None
Rose of Battle Countless warriors have been defeated by her graceful magic. People called her. Complete Advance Single Mode at the Coliseum using Sheena +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Acrobat Confuse the enemy with quick moves, then attack with dead-aim, like an acrobat. Reach Level 40. +2 HP, +3 STR, +2 DEF
Ultimate Summoner The title which praises the strength of the one who trains her body and soul earnestly. Reach Level 100. +10 HP, +10 DEF
Chicken Never be compliant. Title given to one who knows that strategic retreat is a necessity. Run away 50 times with Sheena as a party member. +1 TP, +2 INT, +3 EVA
Indecisive Can't decide whether to run or to fight! The title given to the one who is indecisive. Attempt to escape from battle and cancel the escape 3 times. +1 HP, +2 DEF
Party Comboist Defeated the enemy with a perfectly timed combo. She has won her teammates' trust. Have Sheena start two Unison Attacks in one battle. +2 STR, +2 ACC
Combo Conductor Title given to one who loves unison attacks and does not need anything else. Complete a battle using Unison Attacks only. +1 HP, +3 STR, +3 ACC

Zelos Wilder[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Magic Swordsman His attacks will crush the earth and frighten the evils of this world. Default Title None
Princess Guard It is a sword to protect and to guard for one. The knight of the princess. Get during sub-event: "Princess Kidnapped", after the battle with the Papal Knights in Gaoracchia. +4 STR, +2 DEF
Gigolo You talked to every single girl in the world. A title befitting this great accomplishment. Talk to every woman in the world after equipping the EX Skill "Personal", and then speak with Sebastian in Meltokio. +2 HP, 1+ TP, 2+ STR, +2 DEF, +2 INT, +2 EVA, +2 ACC
Gourmet Prince Cultivated in elegant lifestyle, the sight of you making food is truly that of a prince. Master all recipes and talk to the Wonder Chef at the Altamira Cafeteria with Zelos as the onscreen +5 TP, +4 EVA, +5 ACC
Narcissist* You'll get more chicks with beauty on the outside! ...Is that okay? Talk to Zelos at the "Dance Party" sub-event None
Masked Swordsman* As long as it's a self-proclaimed title, its validity cannot be trusted. Clear any difficuly in the arena with Zelos, then return to Zelos's house for a scene and the title. None
Pickup Artist* The ocean and the shores don't matter as long as there are beautiful ladies. Choose Zelos at the "Beach Party" sub-event None
Idiot Chosen A title given by a friend during the journey. It's not a name given out of spite. Get during the skit "Mizuho, the Mystical Village" +3 STR, +3 EVA
Grand Champion Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. It's a little cliche. Complete Advanced Single Mode at the Coliseum using Zelos +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Gleaming Knight A title given to the one whose sword's edge gleams with the magical light. Reach Level 40 +3 HP, +2 TP, +2 STR 1+ INT
Elegant Swordsman The ray of beauty emanates from him. Your beautiful eyes reflect off his blade. Reach Level 100 +10 HP, +10 DEF
Tetra Slash Execution of the four combo attack by linking a Special Attack to a normal combo. Perform a combo using three different types of normal attacks and then a Lv. 1, Lv. 2, or Lv. 3 Special Attack. +2 HP, +2 STR
Casanova It is the man's dream, the ever sought after ambition. A true man will have this title! Fight with a party of 3 females in battle +2 DEF, +2 INT, 2+ EVA
Giglamesh A hero's title that starts with three Green Slimes. Be careful not to get ZAP. Equip Excalibur, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Hyper Gauntlet, or Blue Shield, and Jet Boots and finish a battle. +8 HP, 1+TP, +8 STR, +8 DEF
Commander-in-Chief A title given to those who love to order people around. Can't you shut up for one second? Perform over 4 party commands in one battle. +1 TP, +3 INT
Loudmouth What do you mean 'loudmouth?' I have a beautiful voice, like my face and... Hear Zelos' voice 50 times in one battle. +3 INT, +2 EVA, +2 ACC

Presea Combatir[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Taciturn Girl Her eyes do not reflect anything. She shows no emotions. Default None
Mature Kid Her mature expressions represent her hidden, cruel past. Get during sub-event: "A Mature Child," talk to Wells when visiting Ozette for the first time. +7 HP, +2 TP, +3 ACC
Empty Soul A huge void in her heart. It is filled not by darkness, but kindness from others. Get during sub-event: "Nebilim Event". Collect all Devil's Arms and battle Abyssion. +4 HP, +3 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Master Chef Silent and devoted, your cooking is supreme. A title well-suited for someone like you. Mastered all recipes and talk to Wonder Chef at the Altamira Cafeteria as Presea onscreen. +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Little Madam* A cute dress that favors her charm. But no words of praise may reach her Talk to Presea at the Dance Party sub-event None
Dream Traveler* The Legendary Klonoa that traveled to the moon and the world of four bells. Go to Altamira and Gorge will mention that they need a mascot. None
First-Timer at Sea* The heat from the sand is proof that you are alive, But octagonal turtle? Choose Presea at the Beach Party sub-event. None
Paw Mania poke poke poke poke, I can't stop it, poke poke poke poke, it doesn't stop. Get during the skit "poke poke" +1 TP, +5 INT
Deadly Flower She is a flower that blooms in the Coliseum. But at her feet are numerous corpses. Complete Advance Single Mode in the Coliseum using Presea. +3 HP, +2 TP, +3 STR, +3 DEF, +3 INT, +3 EVA, +3 ACC
Axman It is a raging storm; a steel storm that mows down all. Nothing left after her battle. Reach Level 40 +2 HP, +1 TP, +3 DEF
Bursting Girl Run right and boom! Run left and boom! The ax she wields shakes the earth! Reach Level 100 +10 HP, +10 STR
Fragile Shield A title for the fragile who repeatedly Guard Break. Have Guard Broken 10 times in one battle. +2 HP, +3 DEF
Lone Girl The sole flower that blooms in battle. But she's a force to be reckoned with. Fight with a party of 3 males in battle. +2 DEF, +2 INT, +2 EVA
Associate Parties with only those of the same homeland. Is the wall between the worlds too wide? Fight a battle with all party from Tethe'alla. +3 DEF, +3 INT
Hunter Hunting down the same race of monster over and over. A title befitting a hunter like you. Battle the same type of monsters 5 times. +3 STR, +2 ACC

Regal Bryant[edit]

Title Description Requirements Stat Changes
Convict The shackle is the symbol of the crime he committed. Its weight condemns him. Default None
El Presidente Brought to you by the Lezareno Group, Making life magnificent from birth to death. Get it when the members of the party discover he's the President of Lezareno. +5 STR, +5 DEF, +4 INT
Eternal Sinner The dark wish is fulfilled but it is not the end. He fights for those hurt by Expheres. Talk to George after defeating Vharley +2 TP, +5 EVA, +5 ACC
True Chef All are mesmerized by his cooking. The name makes all gourmets envious of his godly gift. Master all recipes and talk to the Wonder Chef at the Altamira Cafeteria as Regal onscreen +5 DEF, +4 INT, +5 EVA
Dandy* His combed hair, straightened back, and broad chest. His scent is just dandy. Talk to Regal at the Dance Party sub-event None
God of the Kitchen* The dark chef approaches! Stand up for the future of cooking and everyone's smiles! Meet the Wonder Chef in Meltokio after finding the derris emblem None
Swimmer* The raging wave calls to him. Beyond the horizon there is. Choose Regal at the Beach Party sub-event None
Paw Dandy It is a pure, elegant taste. Poke poke poke poke. Get during the skit "Paw" +1 TP, +5 INT
King of the Coliseum All doubted him at first, with his shackles, But He is the true King of the Coliseum. Complete Advance Single Mode using Regal +4 HP, +2 TP, +4 STR, +4 DEF, +4 INT, +4 EVA, +4 ACC
Battle Artist Calculated, beautiful battle with no waste. It can only be called art. Reach Level 40 +5 HP, +5 STR, +4 ACC
Perfect Battler Each blow crushes the enemy. The word 'perfect' does not even begin to describe. Reach Level 100 +10 HP, +10 STR
Testosterone The pinnacle of masculinity. There has never before been so much man in one place. Enter a battle with 4 men in the party +4 INT, +4 EVA
Potion King You get stronger as you drink more...maybe. A title for you who used a lot of potions. Use potions 5 times in a battle +3 STR, +3 DEF, +3 ACC
Way of the Jungle The truly strong go all out, even against the weak. A title for you who showed your will. Fight against an enemy with 8 levels in difference and win +4 HP, +3DEF, +3 EVA
Pratfall King Blown away several times and fell. A title for the dandy who doesn't soften his fall. Get knocked down 3 times without air escape +2 HP, +4 DEF, +4 EVA