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Original document credits and history[edit]

This guide is taken from IGN FAQs; the author kindly released it under the GFDL so it is able to be reproduced here. The edit and credit information has been moved to this page from the main guide.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

  Gameplay and Game Mechanics Guide
     -    Version .3
     -    by John Cole
     -    Copyright 2005 under GNU/FDL

#2) Version History

  Version .3)
    -  Added level * force rank abilities.
    -  Added Hellium's movement type to the terrain info areas.
    -  Carrier does not repair, sorry.
    -  Clarified legal section.
    -  Added some Tag Affinity info and lots of CO info.
    -  Updated how weather works.
    -  Wrote in the General Game Play Information section.
    -  Wrote in the Game Modes section.
    -  Added the description for Missile Silos finall.

  Version .21)
    -  Added some more CO info.
    -  A few minor revisions and updates to other things.
    -  Included how carriers repair units being carried.
    -  Added related links section, has some gameplay videos!

  Version .2)
    -  Realized this is going to be a full gameplay guide and not just a unit
       guide.  Changed name.  Added Game Modes section skeleton.
    -  Writing in CO names and some info on them.
    -  Added Introduction section.  Table of Contents is no longer recursive.
    -  Added abbreviations and common acronyms.
    -  Added in info from Gamefaqs boards.  Credited people in section 13
    -  Have all info on new units, except the mysterious Hellium.
    -  Added in cost of units as suggested.
    -  Minor changes throughout.
    -  Damage table with exact values!

  Version .1)
    -  Completed damage table using relative values.
    -  Designed layout.
    -  Made movement information.

#10) Things In Progress

LOTS!  I will be updating this frequently.

Things I Need
 - Specific numbers on assorted CO Powers.
 - Detailed info on how Tag Breaks work.  To my knowledge it is as simple as
   using an SCO Power, tagging, all units get to go again and then the other
   CO can go.  Is that right?
 - Little translationg things.  Just do a search for the ^ character to find
   out where my gaps are.
 - Specific numbers on how the CO Gauge fills now.
 - Anything that says luck, I need to know more pretty much.

I figure I should add the damage units do to the Pipeseam to the damage table.

Gotta have ASCII art...

#11) Contact Information

  AIM:     Locke411 (I am not often on, but I will try!)
  E-Mail:  Locke411 (@)
  I live in north Westchester County.  Why do I tell you this?  For Advance
  Wars battles, of course!

  Please, I want people to email me to fill in the gaps of this FAQ.
  Especially since I have to translate anything I want!  Send all the info you
  get this way and I will include it and, of course, give credit to you!

  Thanks in ADVANCE.  Hehe... okay, so that wasn't funny...

#13) Legal Information, Thank Yous, and Misc

As original author of this FAQ, I, John Cole, license it under the
GNU/FDL (GNU Free Documentation License).  If you know what that is, then you
know what you can do.  If you don't, then read this link:

In regards to posting this FAQ on other sites:
  Since this is under the GNU/FDL, people are free to take and post it under
  the conditions of the GNU/FDL.  I initially had started writing down these
  conditions and realized I was just reiterating the license so I will ask
  that if you want to post or use this FAQ, to read the GNU/FDL to see what
  you can do.

  It would be nice, if as a courtesy, you let me know you are using this FAQ,
  if only for my ego.  One thing which you cannot do is link directly to this
  without the sites permission.  A site's bandwidth is its own, do not leech!

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Big Thanks go out to:
  CJayC for managing GameFAQs!
  My friends, for whom without I would never be distracted.
  and Nintendo for making Advance Wars!
  Pikachu 025, I am including you in the Big Thanks section because you have
  helped that much.  Thanks again!

  Also, big thanks to everyone who helped me with this FAQ!  Look below for
  their names and contributions.

Helpful Contributors to my FAQ:
  Paper Snifit: Giving me the name of Megatank's and Stealth's weapon.  Giving
                info on max fuel of B Boat.

  Eiba: Black Bomb vision and fuel.  Pointing out that pipes may not have 3
        stars defense.  Picture I got info from was a base, but runner looks
        different on a base than do other units.

  Julien: For making and posting the gameplay videos, thanks!

  Pikachu 025: For Carriers (no repair) and B Boat (repair all) info and for
               helpfully and quickly answering question I post.  Thank you
               very much!  You have helped tremendously.

Submitted by John Cole - Created 7/7/05

author specific stuff[edit]

should we remove it? --blendmaster 19:48, 23 May 2006 (PDT)


the original author appeared to have been using a japanese version of the game, so their are minor name discrepencies with the US version. we should change the stuff for the US version, such as the "Helium" being called "Oozium" in the US version --blendmaster 17:31, 30 May 2006 (PDT)

I'm taking care of it --Navy White 10:24, 13 November 2006 (CST)