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Real world comparison[edit]

The destroyer and light cruiser classes of japan are very powerful for such small classes. 2 Fubuki classes and 1 sendai class can take on a battle cruiser and win. but they lack armor in one certain area of the magazine. to the 2nd turret of the ships about 2 and a-half feet from the turret to the right of one of the ships and 12 feet under the deck lies the belt and the american made 300 kg bombs are able to go through the armor of the deck and hit that mag but is it that easy?

From my research believe it or not yes. it is very easy to hit but you must hit it in a very close range near the turret. it may be a bit hard for starters. you need to be at a 100-135 degree angle for this type of fatal hit. however do realize if you are trying this against a play this type of tactic requires clean accuracy,focus, and timing if you fail to do so and either hit or miss the targeted area the player or enemy might shoot you from the sky or you may crash into the enemy. this move should be for professionals only. I called it the "root stomp" or others like to call it "the vineyard line" because if you take out one area of the magazine you destroy the turrets and cause fire to the decks. when i found this out on a lucky break when a destroyer targeting me for i was bearing down on it. i appeared to drop it i the right area of one of the turrets thinking that one of the planes are going down anyway i might as well retreat that is when i heard "shes going down sir" to my surprise i thought it was my heavy cruisers hunting the lone japanese flag ship. but when i turned around it was the destroyer i thought "no wonder why the a-a stopped i wasn't even out of range yet" so in conclusion i think the efforts of using this would help you out ten fold on the battlefield when warship hunting with metal eagles. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ommandersc10 (talkcontribs) .

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