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I added the Foundation jade, but there's another treasure room in the first tower and I'm not sure where it goes in there. Above one of the treasure chests on the 3rd floor, you can walk up and find a treasure room with four different treasures. It's pretty cool, because there's this magic wallet thing and some other stuff.

Also, you can return to the place there was an armor shop in that first tower later and steal the guy's treasure chest that he wouldn't let you have (it has a source of power). Similarly, it's a good idea to take the axe to everything once you get it. The house that had the fire jade has something in its pots downstairs (a heart, I think). And there are some good treasures around town, like a jade XP crystal in that old lady's house (the one in town with all the pots). Not to mention something in that attic you clear the rats out of.

Hopefully someone can figure out where to add all of that to this section.