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Get the guide to featured status!

How to get featured
  • Add Wii controls (classic and GameCube) to all control selectors and add the two additional parameters of all instances of {{control}}.
  • Add all enemy names to {{ct/e}} to allow for in-sentence plural use of their names. Enemies 1-21 complete.
  • Maybe create a template for linking to items and/or enemies with tiny icons of the item/enemy, to be used in-line with text during walkthroughs. Having maps on the page can negate this.
  • Edit enemy template so that bosses can have their names link to walkthrough sections.
  • Add all missing def, mdef, techs, and counters values. Info at chrono compendium.
  • Make links for all locations and items.
  • Fact checking
    • Compare current monster list with previous list in history (most importantly, make sure both SNES and DS names are in the list).
    • Double check charmable items (in game research please).
    • Detail the location(s) of every creature in the info section.
  • Add monster techniques list.
    • Add techniques to Enemies page.
      • Link techniques to monster tech list.
  • Fix images for various sprites that have the top of their image cut off by a few pixels (e.g. Queen Zeal, Magus in enemy list, etc.).
  • Add Guardian Pod image and fix Mega/Giga/Tera Mutant images. Giga appears to have different sprites in SNES vs. DS.
  • Complete/Note all differences for the PlayStation and Nintendo DS.
    • Need walkthrough changes for DS.
    • Need walkthrough changes for PS.
    • Detail the PlayStation exclusive "Extras Mode" on the version differences page. Sub-page if necessary.
  • Verify that all tabs/capsules are in the correct place in the walkthrough and links exist back and forth between walkthrough pages and /tabs.
  • Split The Fated Hour into subpages.
  • Add DS exclusive items (5 new armors - please link to reference or add to item page).
  • World maps
  • Dungeon maps
    • Cathedral
    • Guardia Forest
    • Zenan Bridge
    • Hunting Grounds
    • Dactyl Nest
  • Miscellaneous maps
    • Millenial Fair (3 sections)
    • Guardia Castle (1000 A.D.)
    • Guardia Castle (600 A.D.)
Miscellaneous info
  • Jetbike Race
    • Add an image of Crono crossing the finish line in first place after using a boost, in horizontal perspective.
    • Wii controls
  • Add strategy and info on how to achieve success with the challenging "zero experience, no tabs" play through.