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In some versions of Donkey Kong, Level 02 will sometimes have slow elevators in the Elevator stage. This is when you can make the leap described in the wiki. Other versions, have fast elevators each round starting with Level 02. This shortcut works when the elevators are moving at fast (normal) speed.

In the Elevator Stage, you can make a jump from the down elevator to the bottom island with the ladder between the top and bottom island that is closest to the down elevator. You have to time your jump from the down elevator just right. When the down elevator is just below being even with the upper landing of the left fireball ladders between the elevators, start running to the right and jump as close to the right edge of the elevator as you can. If timed correctly, you can clear the upper island with the ladder connecting to the lower island and land on the far left edge of the lower island without crashing. Timing is critical - jump too early and you will hit the upper island, jump too late and you will miss the lower island.

I found this by accident! but, now that I know how to do it and what to look for it works better in the later rounds when the springs start bouncing more frequently. This allows you to bypass the island hopping and the right fireball altogether. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Patrick dempsey (talkcontribs) .