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Hi I play Sinchume on the Highkeep server. I play an alchemist, jeweler, provisioner, and an armorer. I have been assembling a lot notes on chemistry and would love to help with this project. My user page is at w:user:Maetrics. I've added a bunch of stuff today, I hope it is all helpful. Started the chapter on Mob drops and Recipes. Please take a look at EverQuest II/Crafting/Recipes/unknown and my update to EverQuest II/Crafting/Recipes/Tin_Bar. Let me know how you guys like the format of both. Also, I'm not sure how were are naming the pages for the recipe books. So I just listed a bunch of books I have and will add content to them later. One thing that bothers me is that we name the pages on raw ingredients with lower case, yet all the other pages have upper case letters. Makes it difficult for linking without double checking everything first.

PS: I've also added a template for recipes template: EQ2 Recipe. We might possibly think about templating common pages such as recipe books, ingrediants, and recipes

Useful Templates[edit]

To Do List[edit]

Raw Materials[edit]

To fill in the blanks, and complete 'Where used' pages.


To complete all the books with recipes within each section.

Food and Drink[edit]

To add all the food & drink links and attributes.

MOB Drops[edit]