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Original walkthrough credits/history[edit]

This guide has been imported from IGN FAQs. The author kindly released it under the GFDL, thus allowing it to be used here. The following information has been moved here from the main guide.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Adventure v.1.1 (NA), v.1.2 (EU)
Game Guide, revision 1.86 (25 June 2003)

Written by Omkar Namjoshi


Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Omkar Namjoshi.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Document License, Version 1.1 or any later
version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant
Sections. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled
"legal disclaimer."

- Chris Smith for writing an excellent  Fallout FAQ and for allowing me to
  take some info from his weapons tables.
- Eric "Xeen" Wills ( for correcting many mistakes
  throughout the FAQ, particularly some info about Richard Grey. He also
  contributed the information of making Garl (raider leader) think that you
  are his father. He was the one who corrected the big mistake - Ghouls are
  victims of radiation poisoning, not the FEV virus. He also added some stuff
  to the 'tactics' section.
- Robert Sorrells ( for information regarding 
  Vault 13, the Doc Morbid killings, and some info about the 'tactics'
  section as well as the idea for the Quick Shooter (end-game badass)
- Kurt Linsenbardt (  for pointing out the radiation
  sickness and rads issue.
- John Nolden ( for tthe extra information (two stimpacks)
  regarding Tandi's capture/release.
- Christian Gimelli (cgimelli@freeuk.coom) for telling me about the Brotherhood
  of Steel operations. They were present in v.1.66, but not in the right
- Chris Lucas ( foor finding out what happens to you if
  you're a male character and talk to Harry, the mutant at Necropolis.
- Steve Griffin ( for telling me that there's a
  Hunting Rifle in Vault 15.
- "asp5" ( for poinnting the second diplomatic approach
  that I completely forgot about.
- Mors Muertos ( for giving details about the
  crack paladins.
- "Jessica M" (jessi_rosario@hotmail.coom) for the nonviolent approach to
  disband the Skulz gang.
- "G Foyle" ( foor giving information about the links
  between the Thieves' Guild and Decker quests, and for pointing out that I
  had forgotten about Neal's urn.
- Thomas Teh ( for contributing the information on how to
  extort money from Iguana Bob.
- Bernardo Barros ( for adding more info on the side-story
  about Richard Grey.

- Any websites hosting this version of the text-based walkthrough.
- Yahoo! GeoCities for hosting the Falllout-Next website.

Submitted by lilkar489 - Created 7/23/03