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Not Benefiting information
  • I removed this section from the Training as it is a contravention to playing the game, or any game for that matter, the way it is supposed to. Most games would have this type of cheat be available. I am pasting the deleted content to preserve it, should someone decide to reinstate it.

Methods of Auto-leveling[edit]

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Auto-leveling is considered by many to be cheating. It involves setting up your game so you can automatically win battles and then leaving the game to play for hours. There are a few methods:

Midgar Zolom[edit]

This is easy. Just set up everybody's materia so that you can easily win against a Midgar Zolom. It might be smart to hook up Final Attack materia with Life, just to make sure. Then maybe hook up a strong Command/Magic/Summon with an HP or MP Absorb materia. You may also wish to set up your party so they can resist/absorb Fire attacks, just in case it casts Beta. Now just set up the game for easy victory, then do something that will automatically press the accept button for you, like tie a rubber band around the controller, tape down the button. This requires a rapid fire controller, otherwise the screen will halt after the end of battle, on the EXP screen. Equip Counter materia or Counter+Slash-All/Counter+Mime combinations. Now, just sit in the marshes so that the Zolom will keep coming to you. When you return to your game, you will be much stronger, and richer if your party did not die.

Sea Worms[edit]

Reccomended for levels 35+

This is similar to setting yourself up to defeat the Zolom. Just head to the mideel area and rubberband your controller to constantly push you forward (this often works well with a gamepad controller, since you can just rubberband the D-pad disk forward instead of having to rubberband it downwards like a button) and also rubberband (or tape) the O button on a rapidfire controller (the gamepad also has this feature) and then find a spot along one of the beaches where Cloud will continually run back and forth between two spots.

Your group will automatically attack. Be sure to put Sadness on everyone via tranquilizers, and don't forget to set up an Elemental + Ice combo on their materia slots (weapon) if you can. You'll cut through them like butter, and even better, if you put everyone in Sadness and the back row (preferably with Long Shot materia or ranged characters like Vincent, Barret, or Yuffie) then you'll only have to check up on them every couple of hours or so! They're very durable.