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Langrisser 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide
by Renolan

History of this FAQ:

6/30/01 Work on this FAQ begun
8/3/01  FAQ sent in its mostly finished form.
8/5/01  Minor typographical fixes, briefly added how to get to ?4
8/12/01 Fixed some quotes, added this history, other minor fixes.
8/19/01 Deleted some large blocks of empty space, which probably
        appeared when I converted this from .txt to .rtf.
8/23/01 Added info for hell hound movement, fixed quote for
        walkthrough, tested out getting to ?4, more minor fixes.
9/23/01 Ran entire document through spell check,
        added more class changing information.
10/6/01 A lot of small aesthetic fixes.
11/?/01 Added info for Gleipnur and Assault Suit
4/28/02 Added Secret Shop code to Item List section.
?/?/01  Added two new movement types, various other minor fixes.

Thanks to: GameFAQs, Masaya, KGen, the members of the Langrisser II
board, Hiryuu Honyaku, and to Al Waldron <> for
telling me about how to get to ?4 without level skipping even though it
might not be true.

This guide was written by Carl Morita, June-August 2001.
You can copy or excerpt it as much as you want, but give credit where
it is due, and do not give credit where it is not due.
I used to think this would be the final version but if I put that here
it would be the fourth consecutive version that was 'final.' I'll just
say that if I feel like adding to it, I will, otherwise I won't.