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After cleaning up the Weapons page I was wondering whether all that historical background was really necessary, but before editing out someone's hard work I checked to see if it had been uploaded elsewhere. I found that it was copied from an earlier version of Scottie_theNerd's Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Weapons Guide. It's not clear whether this was permitted or if Freelancers is Scottie_theNerd, but in the highly unlikely event that this becomes an issue a decade after upload, then I can return to edit it again.

I originally played this game on my brother's iMac (until it became unplayable on Mission 5 due to lag) and I've since bought the War Chest (which includes the two expansion packs) for PC, so the least I plan to do for this guide is verify Controls and Console for both systems and check for other differences in case I get rid of the iMac at some point.

How much more work I do on these guides depends on how useful and comprehensive I find the War Chest's strategy guides... Onderduiker (talk) 00:17, 15 June 2016 (UTC)