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Original GameFAQs history/credits[edit]

                     Mega Man 2 Password Mechanics Guide
                            For the Nintendo NES
                             Version 1.2 (FINAL)
                            Written by Pseudonym

Version 1.2 (FINAL) November 15th 2005

I cleaned up everything again, adding some tables and rewrote parts of the guide.

This document is licensed for public use according to the GNU Free Documentation License. Copyright 2005 Tim Courchene aka Pseudonym. All rights reserved.


OSG, who created up the original site that had this information, and also the inspiration for me finding the password systems for the other Mega Man games.

My NES and it's companion, the Mega Man 2 cart, for the extensive testing and confirming all of the stuff is correct.

Microsoft or whoever created copy/paste. I could live without adding “man” to the end of some random word for the rest of my life.

And thank you for reading...