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Expansion pack[edit]

The expansion pack, is literally that - it's installed and becomes part of the original Overlord game (with extra weapons and levels), rather than being run separately (eg the Half-Life addon packs). As such should this be written into the guide (as the achievements have been added to "Overlord achievements")? - Trevman 11:59, 6 December 2009 (UTC)

The way we do expansion packs is to give them their own main guide page, then share ToCs with the main game. So Overlord: Raising Hell will exist, but its table of contents will be transcluded from Overlord (2007)'s ToC. For content that applies only to the expansion pack, you can put it at "Overlord: Raising Hell/Pagename" and links to it go inside the {{subtoc}} template on the Overlord (2007) table of contents.
As far as achievements go, we could do it either way. The way they do it on the Oblivion guide is to have one achievements page, then link to it in the main part of the ToC and link to the specific section of the same page in the expansion's subtoc. Actually, I think that makes it even more confusing, as a reader would expect the links in the subtoc to go to a page in the expansion pack guide. I'd be in favor of just having the one link in the main section of the ToC, as the content is shared between the guides, but if you feel strongly about the expansion pack getting its own achievement page, I wouldn't oppose it. — najzereT 12:43, 6 December 2009 (UTC)