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Hey, my findings don't match the data on here. I have 2 theories. We are playing diffirent versions or the encounters are diffirent after the dungeon has been beaten in story mode. I am also officially going to keep some notes here on my findings and how they were gathered. The version I am playing is Blue and I am indeed going back long after the dungeon has already been beaten.

Tiny Woods (ran through the whole thing 3 times so far)

poke: 22-38 (22 and 26 are the most common amounts I found)
items: Oran berry

poke exp(same exp on all 3 levels)

wurmple exp7
Sunkern 8exp
pidgey 6exp
execute 22exp (3rd floor only? pretty rare encounter I would roughly guess 1/10... also can't remember how to spell the name.

lv 1 - Pidgey, Sunkern, wurmple
lv 2 - Pidgey, Sunkern, wurmple
lv 3 - Pidgey, Sunkern, wurmple, execute After I go through 2 more times I will start adding my findings to the page.

I think doing a complete sweep(check all rooms and areas of every floor) 5 times should give us a good average for info. --Zaiqukaj 04:06, 4 July 2007 (CDT)