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I've completed a first pass at a walkthrough and increased the completion status. This game was on the most requested list when I started so hopefully some people will get some use out of it. I worked a lot from my notes from when I played the game several years ago, but much had to be rewritten to allow for different versions and wikification. I tried when possible to incorporate the existing material which covered about half the game. It was obvious though that different parts were written by different people so I felt it would be better to rephrase much of it to keep a consistent voice through the guide. I also tried to add a bit a humor here and there without going overboard. I did a bit of research as well, such as what O.R.E. stands for.

For things still to do, the walkthough still needs to be proofread and accuracy checked. Also, while I tried to include detailed lists of which items are found where, I'm realizing now that it would be better to include these in side boxes rather than in the main text. Overall there may be some unneeded detail and micromanagement that needs to trimmed out. Niceties such as screenshots should be added as well; right now they're only in the first few chapters. The bonus games seem to be covered already though I haven't checked them. --Zuke (talk) 00:56, 28 October 2016 (UTC)