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Weapons guide[edit]

The weapons guide is a very vast one and there are a treasure trove of weapons that are out there. However, there are two different sets of rules when it comes to obtaining weapons in Rogue Galaxy. The first method is the English and Revised Japanese Method and the second one is the Original Japanese Method. To make things easier, it is better to work at combining the two methods together so that video game players will know how to obtain the weapons. Also, the beginning and mastered levels of each weapon, their individual elements, and their damage attack numbers will all be displayed in this article. Since this is a work in progress, the weapons guide will obviously be going through many changes in the future. The Weapons Guide will proceed in this character order:

Jaster (Rogue)/Jestar (Rogue)


Zegram Ghent/Zegram Ghent



Lilika (Rhyza)/Ruruka (Lhyza)(?)

Jupis (Tooky McGannel)/Jupis (Tooky McGannel)


Note: The Special Weapons of Jaster/Jestar and Kisala/Kisara will be alligned with their respective ranks, i.e., the Seven Star Swords and other Special Swords will be listed in the Main Weapons section of Jaster/Jestar and the Beach Sandals will be listed under the Sub(ordinate) (or Secondary) Weapons section for Kisala/Kisara. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .