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To do[edit]

  • Add section in Getting Started regarding Co-Star Mode
  • Note maximum number of coins accessible in each level, maybe in a separate page ("High score challenges" or similar)
  • Mention the Library
  • Mention the Mailtoad
  • Make page regarding Prankster Comets. Include to say can use Z A to get a fast start on Cosmic Races
  • Make page regarding Enemies
  • Make page regarding environmental stuff, e.g. Launch Stars, Sling Stars, Pull Stars, levers, switches etc.
  • Add pictures
  • Add a little intro to each galaxy, prior to the Star walkthoughs (e.g. as done in Super_Mario_Galaxy/Honeyhive_Galaxy)
  • Remove "Star 1" from section titles on galaxies with only one Star to collect in them
  • Add "Did You Find?" sidebars, to act as a ticklist for 1-Up Mushrooms, Life Mushrooms, and hidden areas

Writing style[edit]

These are my suggestions regarding writing style. Feel free to edit.

  • We should go into more detail on the earlier galaxies. Later galaxies should need less hand-holding.
  • Things should be capitalised the same as speech or signs in the game. So, Stars should have capital S. I can't remember if that means that enemies (e.g. Cataquacks) should be capitalised or not.

--Pelago 22:02, 12 September 2008 (UTC)