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Although I've created all remaining Walkthrough pages in the past few weeks, this guide is not yet at stage 3 as they only contain maps, starting scenarios and, where applicable, unit stats: while this is all useful information, more is required to guide someone through each campaign.

Among other things, I also marked the History of the First War and Map of Azeroth pages for deletion after moving their contents to the main and Walkthrough pages respectively. I'll probably continue contributing to this guide at some point in the coming year, but I'm stopping for now so I'm posting a few notes on what still needs to be done, for myself or anybody else who wants to contribute in the future.

Getting Started
  • I normally neglect the Getting Started page itself since its content should usually be covered by any manual or tutorial. However, for the sake of completeness...
  • Controls should be complete for PC, and (almost) identical for Mac (although there may be some subtle differences, possibly even for the interface).
  • Units and structures pages should have separate sections for each unit or structure with more detailed comment on each. This should include screenshots indicating range of attacks and spells, much more detailed information on spells, and training, build and research times, and possibly movement and attack speed.
  • It would also be worthwhile uploading unit and building sprites. The following are currently unused (except here), although they should probably be replaced:
  • General Single Player strategies should probably be added to the Walkthrough page itself: economy, defense, scouting, formations and offense.
  • Detailed and specific strategies need to be added to all but the first two scenarios of the Human and Orc Campaigns. There should also be screenshots, at the very least of enemy bases.
  • Custom Game page needs to be created and completed.
  • Single Player strategies should probably be moved from the Strategies page to the Walkthrough page, and the Strategies page renamed/moved to Multiplayer, for multiplayer strategies and maps (which I think are the same as those used in Custom Games).

I think it would take two or three months of consistent effort to make this a solid stage 3 guide (or just play and document one scenario from the Human and Orc Campaigns per month, and the walkthrough's done within a year). However, I'm highly unlikely to play Multiplayer myself, not least because I'm not sure how possible it would be more than twenty years after release, so I'm not sure it'll ever be anything more than a shaky stage 4, at best. Onderduiker (talk) 16:20, 29 December 2016 (UTC)