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  • Joystick: Use the 4-way joystick to direct your yellow tank around each round; it must be lined up with the gaps between the walls to pass through.
  • Firing Button: Use this button to make your yellow tank fire shots at the blue enemy tanks; it can also fire them at the "inner" walls to destroy them.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin a 1 or 2 player game.


The Player's Tank[edit]

TB Player's Tank.gif The protagonist of the game; it can only fire one bullet at a time, and if it misses, you will have to wait for it to go off-screen, before you can try again. It will lose one life whenever it is hit by a bullet fired at it by an enemy tank - and if your headquarters at the bottom of the screen is destroyed, the game will immediately end regardless of how many lives you have remaining (much like when 100 enemy planes bypass the Shinryaku in Namco's own SOS).

Enemy Tanks[edit]

TB Enemy Tank.gif There are twenty of these blue CPU-controlled tanks on each round; they will enter by appearing up in the top-left and top-right corners of the screen, and can fire bullets at the "inner" walls to destroy them just like you can. Like the sharks from Kaitei Takara Sagashi, they are worth a random amount of points (ranging from a mere 30 to a whopping 1600) when you kill them - and once you have killed all twenty of them, you will proceed to the next round.