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Namco's 1980 multi-directional shooter arcade game, Tank Battalion, contains eight unique maze layouts; the player's tank starts out just above the left side of that wall surrounding the headquarters at the bottom on all of them. The enemy tanks will enter by appearing in the top-left and top-right corners, and can fire bullets at the walls to destroy them just like your tank can - and when you kill one, you will receive a random amount of points (ranging from a mere 30 to a whopping 1600) as one of the blue tank-like symbols in the bottom-right corner of the screen disappears. Once you have killed all twenty of them, you will proceed to the next round; however, you may have noticed that the third maze layout has no walls (apart from that one surrounding the headquarters), which can make trying to kill the enemy tanks on it extremely difficult, for they can change directions at any time. Between Rounds 9 and 21, no new maze layouts will appear - but if you are lucky enough to make it to Round 22, you will see the last unique one, and no new ones will appear after that point. As mentioned on the Gameplay page, your tank will lose one life whenever it is hit by a bullet fired at it by an enemy tank; however, it will receive an extra life at 20000 points by default. But if the headquarters gets hit by a bullet fired at it by an enemy tank, it will explode and the game will immediately be over, regardless of how many lives you have remaining - and this can be annoying for all those players who had not lost a single life.