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This is the first game in the Tank Beat series. For other games in the series see the Tank Beat category.

Tank Beat
Publisher(s)O~3 Entertainment
System(s)Nintendo DS
SeriesTank Beat
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
TwitchTank Beat Channel

Tank Beat (タンクビート?), known in PAL regions as Tank Battles, is an artillery/strategy game for the Nintendo DS that was developed by MileStone Inc.


In Tank Beat players take control of Vill Katjue, a rookie tank driver lost in the chaos of an invasion. The game features 24 missions as well as skirmish modes.

The game is played with the stylus, with players drawing paths on the touch screen for their tank to follow, dragging the stylus across the screen to rotate the camera, and tapping on enemy units to fire upon them. More than 20 different tanks and combat vehicles such as APCs or missile launchers are available to the player, each differing in speed, defense, firepower, and weapons. Players can also give commands to allied AI-controlled tanks.

The game also supports two to four-player wireless play, and online games through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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