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Tarot Uranai
Box artwork for Tarot Uranai.
Developer(s)Scorpion Soft
Publisher(s)Scorpion Soft
Release date(s)
Family Computer Disk System icon.png
Family Computer Disk System
System(s)Famicom Disk System
TwitchTarot Uranai Channel
YouTube GamingTarot Uranai Channel

Tarot Uranai (タロット占い? lit. Tarot fortune telling) is a fortune telling simulation developed and published by Scorpion Soft for the Famicom Disk System in 1988. During play, the game predicts the player's future in several areas, including love, finance, and education. It followed a series of other astrological "utility" programs for the platform, including Chuugoku Senseijutsu and '89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai.

The game focuses on the Tarot deck and their supposed clairvoyant properties. The game will randomly shuffle a deck and lay them out in a formation of the player's choosing - each formation is meant to predict a different aspect of the player's life. The game will then reveal cards that the player chooses and decipher the meaning behind them.

Table of Contents

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