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Character How to unlock
Frank West Beat Arcade mode with 3 Capcom characters.
Joe the Condor Beat Arcade mode with 6 Tatsunoko characters.
Tekkaman Blade Beat Arcade mode with 3 Tatsunoko characters.
Yatterman-2 Beat Arcade mode with Frank West, Zero, Tekkaman Blade, and Joe the Condor.
Zero Beat Arcade mode with 6 Capcom characters.

Alternate color schemes[edit]

Color scheme How to unlock
Any character's third color scheme Clear stage 4 of Arcade mode with that character.
Any character's fourth color scheme Beat Arcade mode with that character.


Movie How to unlock
Opening movie 2 Unlock Yatterman-2.
Secret movie Beat Arcade mode with Yatterman-2.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Shooters[edit]

After beating Arcade mode, press a button during the credits and a mini-game starts where you control Doronjo and her minions on a bike (or Roll on her broom, if you were playing as her), and you can collect letters from the credits. Collect all the yellow letters, which spell "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING", to unlock the Ultimate All-Shooters mini-game.