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Your mission in each level is to eat the required number of kiwi birds. The number of kiwis you have left is displayed on the top left corner of the screen. Note that there are more kiwis in each level than you need to eat, so don't worry if you miss one.


While Taz will appear to move through the level much faster while spinning, using the spin will not allow you to actually complete the level much faster. For example, on the first level, if you constantly progress forward, you will encounter the first kiwi in about 15 seconds no matter where you are. This means that speeding through the level to try to reach the next kiwi faster is not a very good idea, since you are draining health for very little, if any, benefit. In later levels, this is actually dangerous because it is too easy to hit obstacles while spinning. In all, spinning is not a very useful tactic and should be used sparingly. Good uses would be to quickly move past a pit when standing directly in front of it (probably after having fallen in it), catching up to a kiwi you have already seen (although this can usually be accomplished well enough without spinning), or catching up to Digeri Dingo.


Any of these you eat, you get health restoration.


  • Kiwi: Already told you what they're for. But they sometimes jump around and even quickly run the other way.
  • Blue Bird: Eat this for small health restoration.
  • Red Bird: Eat for small health restoration and add 10 seconds to the timer.
  • Green Bird: Second rarest food in the game. Restores full health and random points added.
  • Bushrat: Run diagonally across the road. Hard to grab and eat.
  • Roadrunner: Rarest food in the game. Occasionally appears at intersections. Eat for full health restoration.

Regular Food[edit]

These are three of the possible outcomes of grabbing the ACME box from Digeri Dingo.

  • Bone: Not very filling but still restores health.
  • Chicken: Restores more health than the bone.
  • Steak: Restores the most health of the three.