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  • Health: 125
  • Speed: 100%
  • Type: TF2 achievement impossible defense.jpg Defense

Engineers build various buildings to help the team. Engineers are great on defense but also good offensively if played correctly.


The engineer is not well suited for combat. Your weapons won't do enough damage to kill before you're killed, but paired with a sentry you can kill almost anything.

Primary Weapons[edit]


  • Clip Size: 6 - Reserve Ammo: 32
  • Point Blank Damage: 86-90
  • Mid Range Damage: 24-67
  • Long Range Damage: 3-26
  • Critical Hit: 120

The shotgun is the Engineer's stock primary weapon. It works well with a sentry nearby, as you can finish of opponents who are weakened by the sentry with a shotgun round. Firing your shotgun at corners or suspicious teammates to spycheck. The shotgun is also useful as a self-defense weapon when away from your sentry, such as to collect metal.

Frontier Justice[edit]

  • Clip Size: 3 - Reserve Ammo: 32
  • Point Blank Damage: 86-90
  • Mid Range Damage: 24-67
  • Long Range Damage: 3-26
  • Critical Hit: 120

The Frontier Justice is the Engineer's unlockable primary weapon. It only holds half as many bullets in a clip and cannot deal random critical hits, but it gets "revenge crits" after your sentry is destroyed depending on your number of kills with that sentry. Due to its smaller clip size, you must rely more on good aim than the spread of the gun to maximize the gun's effectiveness. You can store a maximum of 35 revenge crits, but you will lose all of them if you die. Multiple sentry gun kills do add up on your revenge crits, so you can build a new one after your old one has been destroyed without worrying of losing the crits.

It is possible to destroy your old sentry guns with the Demolish Tool, but it is not recommended unless you're using Combat Mini Sentry Guns. Put your sentry gun in areas with active combat to get as many kills as possible. Try not to waste your revenge crits for simply taking down the one that destroyed your sentry. Save it for fighting more dangerous classes.

While using this weapon, the Engineer can use the Dischord taunt, in which he will play a chord on his guitar before slamming it, killing any opponent in its way. This taunt kill is rarely viable, as the duration is very long and the chord can give away your intentions.


  • Ammo: A shot costs 30 metal
  • Point Blank Damage: 86-90
  • Mid Range Damage: 24-67
  • Long Range Damage: 3-26
  • Critical Hit: 120

The Widowmaker uses 30 metal for each shot, but it doesn't need reloading and landing hits gives him more metal. This makes the Engineer more reliant on metal than ever, but is also balanced out by his ability to earn metal from a successful shot. It only allows six shots with full metal, but hitting at close range let's you gain back more than you use while hitting at mid range gives back most of the metal. The Widowmaker can be well fed with metal and be able to be constantly fired when standing near a dispenser or the Payload cart.

Pomson 6000[edit]

  • Clip Size: 4 - Reserve Ammo: Infinite
  • Point Blank Damage: 17-63
  • Mid Range Damage: 11-42
  • Long Range Damage: 11-42
  • Critical Hit: 36-60

The Pomson 6000 doesn't require ammo, but has a smaller clip size compared to the Shotgun and only deals 20% of its damage to buildings. It fires laser projectiles that cannot be deflected and penetrates players and buildings. Hitting a Medic takes away 10% of their Medi Gun charge while hitting a Spy takes away 20% of his cloak. Activating a Spy's Dead Ringer with it will result in even less cloak time.

The Pomson 6k is designed to counter two very big threats to your buildings, which is an Ubercharge or a Spy, at the cost of your overall damage. It's also a great support weapon at the frontlines. Landing a few shots on the Medic can turn the tide of a round. The penetrating shots also makes it good for hitting multiple opponents at once. However, since it fires projectiles instead of hitscan bullets, it will be harder to land shots against enemies, especially in open areas.

Rescue Ranger[edit]

  • Clip Size: 4 - Reserve Ammo: 16
  • Point Blank Damage: 52
  • Mid Range Damage: 23
  • Long Range Damage: 18

The Rescue Ranger fires reflectable projectiles that not only damages enemies, but can also repair your buildings. You can also pick up buildings from afar by using your alt-fire button while pointing at it to haul it instantly for 130 metal, although this ability is nullified if you have an Eureka Effect equipped. The downside of the weapon is the reduced clip size and total ammo. You will also take mini-crits when moving buildings with this weapon equipped.

The Rescue Ranger focuses on keeping your buildings up instead of taking your enemies down, with lesser ammo but two very useful abilities. The building-repairing projectiles let you repair buildings for free and from a safe distance, which can let you avoid taking the splash damage from Soldiers or Demomen trying to destroy your buildings while keeping those buildings alive. The ability to pick up buildings from a distance can also save vital buildings during a critical moment, such as during an enemy Ubercharge. You do have to be careful when moving buildings around, whether you picked them up from afar or used the normal method to haul them, as you will take constant mini-crits when holding the building, increasing the possibility of you dying and losing the building at the same time.

Secondary Weapons[edit]


  • Clip Size: 12 - Reserve Ammo: 200
  • Point Blank Damage: 20-22
  • Mid Range Damage: 10-15
  • Long Range Damage: 8-9
  • Critical Hit: 45

The Pistol is a much weaker weapon than the Shotgun or the Sentry Gun, but it's more accurate and spammable. It's good for accurately shooting at opponents at long to mid ranges, and it racks up damage fairly fast up close. Switch to the pistol in a gunfight as soon as you run out of Shotgun shells to keep shooting the enemy.


The Wrangler allows you to control your Sentry Gun. Wrangling a Sentry Gun gives a shield wround it, which can make it survive much more damage. Your aim with the Sentry is also helped by a laser scope, which can warn enemies of your actions. However, your Sentry Gun loses the ability to autoaim and lock-on fire. Pressing Mouse1 while wrangling activates the Sentry's guns, while pressing Mouse2 when wrangling a Level 3 Sentry Gun let's you fire rockets. Firing either weapon deals the same amount of damage and has infinite range. Switching to another weapon or dying while wrangling disables the Sentry for three seconds while it's still in the wrangle shield. After the time has passed, the Sentry Gun resumes normal operation.

Wrangling allows you to fire your Sentry Gun at enemies outside of it's usual targeting system, but you cannot repair your sentry while firing and yourself is exposed to enemy fire. Try to have a Medic or Dispenser heal you while an Engineer helps you repair and reload the Sentry. Don't forget to switch out to your other weapons and just let your Sentry do it's thing from time to time. The Wrangler can also catch some enemies by surprise, as a wrangled Sentry doesn't make a sound when it's about to shoot. The laser aim can reveal your sentry's location to your enemy, so try to hide it by aiming at other objects when not firing, or use the laser scope to scare them away from using a particular entrance.

A technique Engineers can use with the Wrangler is to Wrangle a Level 3 Sentry Gun and fire rockets at their feet. Since the Sentry's weapons hurts the Engineer that built them, you can get launched up into higher ground. If you have a level 1 sentry or a mini-sentry active, you can also use the wrangler to get to higher places by firing at yourself during a jump due to the sentry guns' high knockback on aerial targets.

Short Circuit[edit]

  • Ammo: A shot costs 35 metal
  • Normal Damage: 5
  • Critical Hit: 18

The Short Circuit uses some of your metal to create a shot to destroy all projectiles and damage opponents near yourself, but cannot randomly crit. This weapon is useless for actual combat, instead, it should be used for defending yourself, your teammates or your sentry gun. Use the Short Circuit to destroy rockets, grenades, stickybombs and Flare Gun shots. This weapon let's you be able to defend your sentry from Soldiers or Demomen who launch projectiles at you outside of your sentries range, and can allow you and your sentry to survive a Krizkrieg Ubercharge on a Soldier or Demo.

Melee Weapons[edit]

Wrench/Golden Wrench/Saxxy[edit]

  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
  • Normal Damage: 65
  • Crtical Hit: 195

Unlike other classes, you will be using this all the time. Hitting a damaged building will repair it and give it ammo (if applicable). Hitting an undamaged sentry will give it ammo and upgrade it (if it isn't level 3). Hitting a building that is still assembling will speed up the build time. If a building gets sapped, hitting it twice will knock the sapper off. As for combat, the wrench is particularly known for its high crit rate, and many a spy has succumbed to the whump of the wrench. Be careful when attacking enemies with it near your buildings, as the game prioritises hitting buildings over fighting enemies, so you might accidentally hit the building but not the enemy.


  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
  • Normal Damage: 65
  • Crtical Hit: 195
  • Organ Grinder Duration: 4 seconds
  • Organ Grinder Damage: 500 damage

The Gunslinger is the Engineeer's unlockable melee weapon. It is designed for Engineer's who are constantly moving and attacking instead of defending. It gives the Engineer the ability to build Combat Mini Sentry Guns and gives him 25 more health. The weapon cannot randomly crit, but it has a combo system in which the third hit with the weapon on the enemy will result in a critical.

The Gunslinger is best used for offensive building, such as when on the attacking team on Payload or Control Point maps. The ability to quickly deploy cheap Combat Mini Sentry Guns is really helpful in such offensive situations, as they're quite expendable and their metal usage can easily be replenished. Deploy them in tight spots such as corridors to serve as distractions and obstacles. Keep moving your mini sentries to different locations. Build a new one as soon as the old one is destroyed. Note that if a spy saps your mini sentry, you can destroy the sapper, but you can't repair the damage done, so just let it be destroyed while you prepare to build another.

Note that when you're on defense, it's not recommended that you equip this weapon, since mini sentries can't defend positions well. However, if there's a traditional Engineer in your team, you can work with him by deploying mini sentries at the frontlines and falling back to resupply and help upgrade his buildings.

The Gunslingers combat ability is subpar compared to other melee weapons, since the high critical rate of melee weapons usually ensures you usually get a crit out of three hits anyway.

The Gunslinger also gives the Engineer the Organ Grinder taunt kill. The Gunslinger revs up, is thrusted forward, dealing 3 1 damage hits and stunning enemies, and is pulled back with force instantly killing anyone in its path. This taunt, like other taunt kills, has very little use in serious play, but you can kill a distracted enemy with it. The taunt can also be used to stun Ubercharged enemies to waste their Uber time.

Southern Hospitality[edit]

  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
  • Normal Damage: 65
  • Crtical Hit: 195

The Southern Hospitality cannot randomly crit and gives you 20% vulnerability to fire, but it gives enemies bleed status upon a hit. The Southern Hospitality is a pretty good weapon that has not too bad downsides. The loss of critical hits can be negated by the bleed effect, and the vulnerability to fire isn't too bad unless you're caught with an enemy Pyro away from your sentry. The bleeding effect is great against spies, as it exposes them when they're cloaked.


  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
  • Normal Damage: 49
  • Crtical Hit: 146

The Jag lets you construst buildings faster, but has a damage penalty. The wrench is great for the quick deployment of buildings, and even one second saved can be vital. Dispensers can be built faster this way, giving you metal earlier. This weapon is great if you're only supporting other engineers, as its increased build rate helps finish their buildings faster during setup time or near spawn.

Eureka Effect[edit]

  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
  • Normal Damage: 65
  • Crtical Hit: 195

The Eureka Effect takes away your ability to relocate buildings, but lets you teleport back to spawn anytime you wish by pressing alt-fire, fully replenishing your health and ammo. You are completely defenseless for a few seconds before you warp back, so be mindful of when you use it. It's very useful for getting a base up quickly, especially when used in tandem with a teleporter system. You can also use it to escape dangerous situations. Without the ability to haul buildings, you must be really sure about the location of your buildings to prevent wasting metal building it.


Build Tool[edit]

Not really a weapon at all, but a tool. Once you have it out, press 1 to build a sentry, 2 to build a dispenser, 3 to build a teleporter entrance or 4 to build a teleporter exit. You can also press Q to cancel. If you had enough metal, you will now be in build mode. In build mode, you can move around normally and right click to rotate your building. When you've found a good spot for your building, left click to place it.

Demolish Tool[edit]

Again, not really a weapon at all. Once you have it out pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 will destroy the corrosponding building. If you got this out by accident, pressing Q will cancel. This tool is almost completely useless with the ability to haul buildings to a better location, but it can be used to destroy sentries for Frontier Justice revenge crits if you're really desperate. Note that the Demolish Tool is merged with the Build Tool in console versions, so pressing the button for a building already built destroys it.


Engineers build things using metal. Engineers start with 200 metal, but use some as they repair or build things. You can replenish your metal by using the resupply, picking up fallen weapons, picking up ammo packs, or by using a Dispenser. Once you have placed a building you can leave it alone to assemble by itself or you can hit it with the wrench to speed up the process. You can haul buildings by right-clicking when close to the building, which allows you to move it elsewhere.

When a building is destroyed, it drops scrap metal. Each piece of scrap replenishes half of your ammo reserve and a small amount of metal.

Sentry Gun[edit]

The sentry gun is the core of nearly all defensive teams.
Putting your dispenser in an easy to acess spot will help your team and net you some healing points.

Health: 150 (level 1), 180 (level 2), 216 (level 3)
Total Health with Wrangler Shield: 450 (level 1), 540 (level 2), 648 (level 3)
Ammunition: 100 rounds (level 1), 120 rounds (level 2), 144 rounds (level 3)
Shots per Second: 4 (level 1), 8 (level 2 and 3)
Shots per Second with Wrangler: 8 (level 1), 16 (level 2 and 3)
Average DPS: 64 (level 1), 128 (level 2 and 3)
Average DPS with Wrangler: 128 (level 1), 256 (level 2 and 3)
Rocket Ammo: 20 salvos
Automatic Rocket Firing Rate: 3 seconds
Direct Rocket Hit Damage: 53-150
Metal Cost: 130
Dropped Metal: 60
Upgrade Cost: 200 Metal per level

The sentry gun is your main method of dealing with attacks. It will automatically fire at enemies within its range. When you are placing the sentry, you should see 2 lines that extend outward to make a cone. While the sentry can fire out of this cone, it will take much longer to lock on and turn. You can rotate your sentry to give it a better view of where you are trying to defend. If you have your settings turned high enough, you can also see a large blue globe (you might not see it indoors). This is your sentry's maximum range. Enemies outside of this range will not be targeted, meaning they can bombard your sentry with impunity. Good sentry placement is the key to surviving as an engineer.

The sentry can be upgraded by hitting it with the wrench. Each hit puts 25 metal into the sentry, once it has 200 it will upgrade to the next level. Sentries cannot be upgraded once they reach level 3. Sentries have limited ammo, and must be reloaded with metal. Level 1 sentries are fairly weak and can be taken out by almost any class if noticed. Level 2 sentries are much stronger and you can safely start building other structures once it's done and level 3 sentries kill enemies almost instantly. Be careful not to get caught between a Sentry and it's target, because the sentry can hurt the one who built it, meaning you can get accidentally killed by your own creation!

Remember though: Any level of sentry can be taken out by an experienced player if you are not there to protect it. An unmanned sentry is little more than a speedbump.

Combat Mini Sentry Gun[edit]

Health: 100 (effectively 300 with the Wrangler)
Ammunition: 100 rounds
Shots per Second: 6 (12 with Wrangler)
Average DPS: 48 (96 with Wrangler)
Metal Cost: 100 metal
Dropped Metal: 28
The Combat Mini Sentry Gun replaces the Sentry Gun when using the Gunslinger. Despite lacking the firepower or health of a regular Sentry Gun, the mini sentries offer certain advantages. It's cheaper to build, is deployed quickly and fires and rotates faster than a Level 1 sentry.

The mini sentry is mostly used in offensive situations, setting up one quickly to distract enemies or eliminate weakened opponents.


Health: 150
Metal Cost: 100
Dropped Metal: 50

The dispenser is a useful little building which gives health and ammo to friendlies and gives metal to you and your fellow engineers. When it is first built, the dispenser will hold 25 metal and it will generate 40 metal every 5 seconds automatically. Metal in the dispenser is automatically distributed to nearby engineers. Replenishing ammo and health does not deplete the dispenser's metal supply.

You can upgrade the dispenser to level 3 just like the sentry gun. Each level will increase the metal and health output of the dispenser.

On offense, this building is almost as important as the sentry gun, if not more so.

Teleporter Entrance[edit]

A well placed teleporter can win the game for your team. Take some time to place one.

Health: 150
Metal Cost: 125
Dropped Metal: 60

One half of a teleporter system. Even if you don't plan on placing an exit (which you should), plop this thing down outside your spawn anyway and resupply. It only takes up 5 seconds of your time. Once both entrance and exit have been built, this building will start glowing and a yellow arrow will point in the direction of the exit. Standing on the teleporter briefly will instantly move you to the exit. Once used, a teleporter takes 10 seconds to recharge. After using a teleporter, a team colored glow will be visible at your feet. This can give away the location of a secret teleporter, so be careful.

This can be upgraded like a dispenser or a sentry gun at 200 metal a level. It doesn't matter if you upgrade the entrance or the exit, they will both be upgraded at the same time. If either the entrance or the exit is destroyed the other one's level is reduced back to one making it more vital to protect both ends. Before a match starts it can be helpful to go engineer and upgrade other engineer's entrances so they can concentrate on other things.

The teleporter on offense can be the key to taking an enemy point as it helps you get to the front lines faster. It can also be helpful on some maps for defense if your spawn is far away from the area that needs defending.

Teleporter Exit[edit]

Health: 150
Metal Cost: 125
Dropped Metal: 60

The other half of a teleporter system. You can place this with your sentry where it will be protected or somewhere where the enemy won't find it. On defense, the sentry method is usually better, but on offense either method can work. Placing your teleporter behind enemy lines can help turn the tide of battle.

When you are placing a teleporter exit, a small yellow arrow will be visible on the blueprint (another one will float in the air). This indicates which way a player will be facing once teleported. Right click to rotate the exit, try to place it so that it is pointing in the right direction.

This can be upgraded like a dispenser or a sentry gun at 200 metal a level. It doesn't matter if you upgrade the entrance or the exit, they will both be upgraded at the same time. If either the entrance or the exit is destroyed the other one's level is reduced back to one making it more vital to protect both ends. Before a match starts it can be helpful to go engineer and upgrade other engineer's entrances so they can concentrate on other things.

The teleporter on offense can be the key to taking an enemy point as it helps you get to the front lines faster. It can also be helpful on some maps for defense if your spawn is far away from the area that needs defending.

Item Sets[edit]

The Brundle Bundle[edit]

  • Consists of the Buzz Killer hat, the Frontier Flyboy item and the Legend of Bugfoot item.

Purely cosmetic set, it makes the pitch of the Engineer's voice higher.

Dr. Grodbort's Brainiac Pack[edit]

  • Consists of the Pomson 6000, the Eureka Effect, the Brainiac Goggles item and the Brainiac Hairpiece hat.

The two weapons don't have any particular synergies, and is likely included just to follow the futuristic theme.

Using the Engineer[edit]

Engineers are a versatile class. Usually 1 will suffice on offense, but on defense you can have up to 4 without hindering your team. While you don't need to be good with the shotgun to defend well, on offense you will need good aim with all your weapons. Against spies you will usually want to use the shotgun or the pistol, so the spy doesn't facestab you. If a spy hangs around your stuff after sapping, he will probably resap once you knock off a sapper. You may need to kill him or chase him off before you try to repair your stuff. Level 3 sentries can get kills, but teleporters will win games, and a full dispenser can give you metal to rebuild. Unsap your teleporters first, then your dispenser, then your sentries.

On defense, there are 2 main ways to place a sentry. You can put it somewhere behind the front line so your team can fall back when things go bad (if you do this you can help with your shotgun) or you can put it on the frontline, where it will need constant repair and some protection while you set up. Generally, you'll want to put your dispenser next to your sentry so you have a constant stream of metal.

On offense, there are also 2 ways to place a sentry. You can use it to defend your outpost, or you can place it behind enemy lines where it'll hopefully get a kill or two before being destroyed. If you choose the second method, it helps to have a steady source of metal nearby so you can place the sentry over and over. Never put a sentry in the same place twice in a row.

On defense, you'll generally want to put your dispenser next to your sentry so you have a constant stream of metal.

On offense, you can either place it in your outpost or put use it as a constant stream of metal used to set up ninja sentries. You can also place ninja sentries and just leave the dispenser with your teleporter exit, if you do this you'll need your team to defend it.

On defense, the front line is typically somewhere far from the spawn, so the simplest way to place a teleporter is to put the entrance at your spawn and the exit somewhere near enough to the front to be useful, but far enough away to be out of danger. Alternatively, you can put it near your sentry and dispenser. Be careful about that, because sentry guns tend to attract a lot of fire and if a grenade hits you'll have 3 structures to repair instead of 2.

On offense, teleporters can be placed behind your front line or behind the enemy line, your choice. Teleporters behind enemy lines tend to be destroyed fairly quickly as the sparkles around your teammates feet give it away, but it's usually well worth it. If you think your sentry and dispenser can survive when you take the time to replace your exit, this is a good method of teleporter placement. Otherwise, just place your teleporter in the same spot as the rest of your buildings. Be warned, however, that enemy spies can travel through your teleporters. It generally works to keep you exits away from your other buildings. if you choose not to do this, hit everyone who comes through the teleporter with the wrench. Spies will generally think that you have caught on to them.

Check on top of your dispensers for spies occasionally as this is a favorite haunt for many cloak and dagger spies.

Defeating the Engineer[edit]

Any class can take out an engineer in direct combat. Taking out sentries, however, is harder. The standard method is edging, which is peeking around a corner until you can see a tiny bit of the sentry but it can't see you, then shooting it from there. Edging leaves you vulnerable, however, so it is usually not viable in heavily congested spots.

  1. As a scout, your only hope is to edge it while the engineer isn't looking. By standing still long enough to edge it, you negate your main advantage, speed, so you should usually just try to avoid sentries outright. Bonk energy drink can also be used to help get past it. A better use for the Bonk however is to distract the sentry while your team mates blast it to death.
  2. Soldiers are well equipped to take out sentries in most positions. If the engineer isn't babysitting it, 3 rockets will take down a level 3 sentry and 2 rockets will take out anything else. If the engineer is repairing his sentry, try to take either him or his dispenser out first with splash damage.
  3. Pyros are not usually good against sentries, however, in some positions you can edge with the flamethrower and kill the sentry very quickly. Even if the engi is repairing it, you can usually damage faster than he repairs and you may even kill the engineer in the process. Pyros also have a melee weapon known as the home-wrecker which deals extra damage to buildings. be warned, however, that you need to get close to the sentry to use it.
  4. Demomen are the best sentry killers in the game. Just put 3 stickies next to a sentry, detonate and kaboom. If the engineer doesn't die, you can finish him easily with your grenade launcher.
  5. Heavies can go toe to toe with sentries in some cases. Otherwise, if a pyro can edge a sentry, chance are the heavy can too.
  6. Engineers have about the same chance as a scout. Avoid.
  7. Medics aren't good against sentries on their own, but their ubercharge is a guarenteed way to kill any level of sentry. Best uber canditates for sentry killing are demomen and pyros. Soldiers and heavies can also work, but others are better.
  8. Snipers slightly better at edging than scouts. If you can see the engineer's head you can snipe that then move on to the sentry, or you can snipe his dispenser. If he's repairing his sentry you won't be able to kill it, but otherwise you are in with a good shot. Two snipers that fire fully charged shots at the same time can instantly eliminate a level 3 sentry.
  9. As a spy you are the second best standalone sentry killer in the game. The methods for dealing with a sentry are numerous, but most of them are negated when there are multiple sentries covering each other. When it comes to sentry nests you might serve your team best you suicidally sapping everything while your team blasts the enemy buildings to bits. If you encounter a lone engineer with his sentry, you can try stab'n'sap, sap'n'stab or just plain sap to take it out.

Overall though, the best answer is teamwork. Even scouts can kill sentries if there's enough of them.