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Bombs have been set up in order to destroy the dam. You must get into the water and disarm the bombs, but to get to the water you have to go through the dam up to the rooftop.

Area Map[edit]

TMNT NES map Area 2.png

Plan of attack
  • Head inside the building through door A.
  • Fight your way to the top of the dam and hatch B, then dive into the water from point C.
  • Navigate underwater to locate and disarm 8 bombs before time is up.

Building A[edit]

TMNT NES map 2AB.png

The dam interior has three stories. You will encounter a few minibosses along the way. To the far right of the third story is a full pizza, though you must fight a miniboss to get it. The last jump to reach door B can be difficult. You must be walking forward when you jump in order to cross the gap, it can't be performed from a standstill.


After you exit the level, walk to the right until you encounter a break in the railing and take the plunge into the water. Eight bombs are distributed throughout the water. You need to find all of the bombs within 2 minutes and 20 seconds to complete this section. April will tell you how many bombs remain by pressing Start button.

If time runs out, the game will be over no matter how many turtles remain. However, if a turtle loses his life underwater, the next turtle must begin again from the top of the dam, but all of the deactivated bombs remain deactivated, and you get the full 2 minutes and 20 seconds to deactivate the remaining bombs.

Anything that is not water, or a bomb, is harmful to the turtles, including the electric currents, poisonous seaweed, and rotating gears. In addition to avoiding them, you have to contend with a constant water current to the right, which makes swimming to the right rather fast, but swimming to the left quite slow.

Part 1[edit]

TMNT NES map 2C1.png

1: After jumping in the water, watch the timing of the large electric current, and then pass it to deactivate the first bomb to the right.
2: Continue to the right, watching out for more electric currents. Avoid the pink coral on the bottom of the screen as it will instantly kill any turtle that touches it. Swim up though the opening in the ceiling and continue to the top to deactivate the second bomb.
3: Return to the bottom, avoiding the coral and the twin electric currents, and swim over to the third bomb.
4: Swim on to the right, climb up above the next stretch of coral. You'll have to contend with a rotating gear, swimming counter clockwise around its center to avoid getting hurt. When the way is clear, swim up to the area above. From there, avoid the electric current to the left and make you way up to the fourth bomb, watching out for the seaweed around it.

Part 2[edit]

TMNT NES map 2C2.png

5: From the fourth bomb, swim straight across to the right, passing the open ceiling, and advancing to the twin electric currents. Getting past them both to deactivate the fifth bomb is easy, but swimming against the current to the left makes it difficult to escape unscathed
6: Swim up through the opening to the left. This next section is considered one of the most difficult in Area 2. You must swim through a large bed of poison seaweed. A very narrow path offers the only safety. It's extremely difficult to swim through the seaweed and not receive any damage. Do your best, and switch turtles if it appears that any are in danger of dying. Once you make it through, you must carefully swim to the right to pass through a series of electric currents and on to the sixth bomb positioned above deadly coral.
7: From the sixth bomb, fight the current and swim back to the left and down through the opening to the section below. Pass the small electric current to reach the seventh bomb just beyond.
8: You can either choose to swim back through the current you just passed and down, or swim down first and pass left through a different current. They both pose the same challenge. Either way, float down to the bottom, where you must swim through a straight but very narrow path between seaweed and coral to the right. Upon reaching the far right side, you must swim up and back to the left. Two more electric currents stand between you and the eighth and final bomb.

If you successfully deactivate all eight bombs in time, April will congratulate you, and you will return home for much deserved rest. However, instead of finding rest, the turtles find their lair ransacked. The TV pops on and a video message from Shredder informs the turtles that their master Splinter has been kidnapped. To get him back, the turtles must defeat the Foot Clan.