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The enemies from Area 1's Building I appear in this level.

This area is also very large, and you have no Turtle Van to help. To reach the Turtle Blimp, you'll have to navigate a series of tunnels that transport you from one fenced in area to another. Your destination may only have one other escape, or there may be a number to choose from. As you traverse above ground, you'll encounter some Bombers that will target you. They are easy to avoid. Some underground areas contain a few hazards that you've never seen before. Be careful maneuvering on the treadmills. Spikes are a steady drain on your health and the laser security systems suck but can be beat by any turtle in one shot.

The worst part of this area is dealing with the ground fire pits or the last room's crusher wall. These will instantly kill the active turtle, so proceed with extreme caution.

TMNT NES map Area 4.png

Plan of attack
  • Head through Underpasses 1 and 2 before you reach a split.
  • Either take the 3-6-8 route, or the 4-5-7 route to reach Underpass 9.
  • Pass through Underpass 9 to reach an open runway.
  • Optionally, travel through Underpass 10 to visit Underpass 11 for health.
  • Optionally, visit Underpass 13 to rescue a turtle, then continue on through Underpass 14 or double back to Underpass 12.
  • Take Underpass 15. Optionally visit Underpass 16 for health, and then head into Underpass 17 to locate the boss.

Underpass #1[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-1.png

The first Underpass is unlike most underpasses in that it's not really an underpass. You actually go up and over some rooftops to reach your destination. Right when you begin, there is a full pizza. You can use this opportunity to go in and out of the entrance to this building to instantly recharge all four turtles' health.

After doing so, make your way to the right and up the ladder. On the second floor, an enemy will guard a rope item. You only need three to get through this area, so if you already have a set, you can safely ignore collecting this one. Continue to the left and up to the roof.

Once you reach outside after making your way past some enemies, simply walk to the right and your turtle will take care of the rest. At each gap between rooftops, your turtle will toss the grappling hook across and you can cross the gap on the rope. After doing so three times, you'll be in the destination building that you must climb down. A half pizza awaits you in the upper right corner.

Upon heading back down, you may be able to use Donatello's long bo to clear away some enemies on the ground before you drop down. Get down to the bottom floor and make your way to the right to reach the exit. Outside, walk up and to the right to reach Underpass #2.

Underpass #2[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-2.png

The first true underpass, you must enter and make your way to the right. It is here that you will first encounter the laser defense system, a four-way laser gun that looks like a plus sign, and can shoot beams in different directions. They typically appear in pairs, and they are stationary, so they're very easy to clear away. Remove them before trying to advance.

Midway through, you must climb down a ladder and into a small room. Once the room is in full view, a mid-boss battle will begin. Don't stop running to the right. As the mid-boss appears, continue on and jump up to the ledge above. The mid-boss won't follow and you can safely destroy them from above. Then climb up the next ladder.

Continue on to the right, dealing with a few more enemies, and taking out more laser defense systems until you reach the ladder on the far right. Climb up and you're back outside. Now, for the first time, you have a choice about which way to go. If you go through the upper left manhole, you'll be on the 3-6-8-9 route. If you go through the lower left manhole, you'll be on the 4-5-7-9 route.

Underpass #3[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-3.png

As you can see, Underpass #3 is quite small. In fact many of the underpasses in the area are as small as this one. In this small room, you encounter some enemies and three conveyor belts. Try to remove the enemies with Donatello before you proceed to the belts. The outer two go left, and the middle one goes right. While it may seem like you have to jump over the gaps, the rule about single block gaps still applies: you can walk right over them. So drop down and hold right to cross all three belts and reach the other side. Then jump up and climb up the ladder. Once back outside, you must proceed left to find Underpass #6.

Underpass #4[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-4.png

As stated above, some of the underpasses are the size of a single room, as this one is. In an unusual twist, you start this one on the right. You must climb down the ladder and make your way over two conveyor belts to reach the ladder in the upper left corner. You should remove any flying enemies in your way, but you can largely ignore the one in the lower left corner. Once you are outside, head down to the manhole below to access Underpass #5.

Underpass #5[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-5.png

Meet the magnets. They don't cause any problems for you when you are on the ground. However, when you jump up and your feet leave the ground, the magnets will pull you toward them, making jumping in their direction faster, and jumping away from them slower. In this room, you have a few enemies to deal with. Remove as many as you can before making any jumps. Your goal is to reach the upper platform. To do so, you can't really jump from the far right magnet, you have to stand on the small patch of floor surrounded by spikes, and jump up to the platform. In the process, the right magnet will pull you toward it, but you can easily fight its influence and head left to reach the platform. Back outside, you have to walk up from one fenced area to another, and then head left to reach the next manhole and Underpass #7.

Underpass #6[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-6.png

When you arrive, use Donatello to clear away any enemies below you, and then drop to the floor. From here, you must contend with enemies, conveyor belts, spikes, and laser defense systems. Do your best to clear away any threat before you advance. But be on guard as you jump through the air for enemies that can collide with you mid-jump and send you falling backwards into a bed of spikes. Unlike in Underpass #3, you won't be able to walk across the gaps, you'll really have to jump for it this time. You should be able to make it to the next belt if you wait until you're over the edge of the previous belt before jumping. Once back outside, head right, up, and back to the left to reach Underpass #8.

Underpass #7[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-7.png

Climb down the ladder, and remove any flying enemies before heading right through the narrow tunnel. There are an inordinate amount of laser turrets throughout this underpass. You'll find the first two on the other side of the tunnel, along with an enemy. Remove them all, and then make your way to the right, destroying every turret you find.

You'll eventually reach a pair of magnets in the middle of the underpass. Back up and let the enemy on top of the magnets approach you and fall down into the spikes below. Then leap for the top of the magnets and collect the half pizza that will restore four bars of lost health to your active turtle. Then carefully jump down to the right. An enemy may attack you in mid-air and knock you back into the spikes so be prepared.

Continue to the right, destroying all of the laser turrets so that you can reach the exit safely. Jump down past the last magnet and watch out for the spikes on the floor below it. Clear away any enemies and climb up the ladder to the outside. The manhole immediately to your left is the exit from Underpass #8. The manhole above is the entrance to Underpass #9, and the one you should enter.

Underpass #8[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-8.png

In the next single room underpass, you have some enemies waiting for you on the floor, on either side of two conveyor belts. You start out a little too high for Donatello to reach anyone, so you'll have to jump down to the belts. You have the option of completely ignoring the enemies if you wish, and simply making your way from the left ladder to the right. Either way, when you climb up the ladder and you're back outside, you'll see two manholes. The one closer to you is actually the exit of Underpass #7. The one higher up is the entrance to Underpass #9, and the one you should take.

Underpass #9[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-9.png

In this curiously easy underpass, as soon as you arrive a mid-boss battle will begin. But it's highly likely that the mid-boss you must defeat will run under the platform where you arrive, and you can safely attack it below through the platform. With the mid-boss removed, there is no other threat and you can easily escape to the outside through the ladder on the right. However, once outside, you have access to the largest block of open space in the entire area. There are three different underpasses to choose from. From left to right, they are Underpass #10, Underpass #12, and Underpass #13.

Underpass #10[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-10.png

Unfortunately, as soon as you enter this Underpass, you will get attacked while you're climbing down the ladder, and there's very little you can do to avoid it. Clear away any enemies between you and the lone conveyor belt just above the spikes, and then leap on to it, and off of it to reach the ladder in the upper right. Once outside, there's only one option to take: Underpass #11.

Underpass #11[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-11.png

This underpass contains a set of conveyor belts that dead-ends on the far right side. There's a prize at the end of the conveyor belts: a full pizza to restore some turtle's health. But there's a catch: the pizza is under the belts. And while there's really only one enemy that will threaten to harm you above the belts, the floor below is crawling with enemies. Take the belts to the right side, and use a turtle like Donatello to safely sweep the enemies away. The walk left off the lowest belt to drop to the floor and collect the pizza. However, that is a one-way trick; you can't make your way back onto the belts, so you'll have to fight through some enemies in order to make it back left, and over to the ladder to escape. Once outside, you can decide if you want to repeat this underpass to collect more health, or make your way back through Underpass #10 and onto another section of the area.

Underpass #12[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-12.png

This underpass serves as a bit of a shortcut, as it will drop you off right outside of Underpass #15. However, it's a rather difficult one, consisting of awkwardly places conveyor belts over spikes, a laser defense system, and many enemies. There are some instances where it's incredibly difficult to avoid getting struck by spikes, and many enemies are just out of reach of your weapons, so you have to be careful when jumping from one conveyor belt to another. One bit of good news: there is a full pizza waiting for you near the end of the underpass, which you will probably need after making your way through here. Additionally, this path does not have the instant-kill fire present in Underpass #14.

Underpass #13[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-13.png

Good news: not only is the underpass incredibly easy, if you have lost a brother turtle during your adventure, you will have the opportunity to rescue one right here. Touch the turtle to release him from captivity and rejoin your team. Then continue on to the right to exit. Once outside, you can head to the right to deadly Underpass 14, or you may wish to turn around and try your luck with Underpass 12 instead.

Underpass #14[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-14.png

This is the first underpass to include fire, which will instantly kill a turtle is he touches it. To make matters worse, there is a very difficult and dangerous jump over one of the fires. Even if you rescued a turtle in Underpass 13, you may want to double back since Underpass 12 is less risky.

If you decide to press on, remember to remove as many enemies and laser turrets before proceeding. Under no circumstances should you attempt to collect the Kiai scroll from the left side. If you insist on grabbing it, cross the conveyor belt above it, and drop down to the next belt before hopping over to the scroll and the small ledge beneath it. Just before you reach the ladder on the right side, you'll have to hop over the gap between belts above a fire. The ceiling is low, so you must jump as late as possible from one conveyor belt in order to safely land on the next one. It's easy to make a mistake, and that's why going through Underpass #12 is recommended since missing a jump won't instantly kill a turtle.

If you do make it to the right ladder, climb up and you'll be just to the left of the manhole to Underpass 15

Underpass #15[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-15.png

You're in the final stretch through the Area. Before you proceed, it's not a bad idea to try and refill every turtle's health with the full pizza at the end of Underpass 12. Once you're prepared, climb down and prepare to cross over all of the conveyor belts to the right. Compared to the recent underpasses that you had to take to get here, this one is a little more tame. Just make sure that when you jump, you are not holding the button down for too long and jumping too high. Most of the gaps can be crossed with a lower jump, and you'll avoid colliding with enemies in the process.

You'll notice a full pizza midway through the underpass. It's not hard to collect, but you should take some time clearing out the area from the conveyor belt above before dropping down to collect it. Then continue right, and carefully jump over the fire to reach the last conveyor belt and the escape ladder. Outside, you have two manholes to choose from. Both dead-end, but only the far one leads to the boss.

Underpass #16[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-16.png

This underpass is a relatively easy way to refuel all of your turtles' health. There's a half pizza mid-way and a full pizza at the far right, and there's even an invincibility tile for you to collect to make gathering the pizza a little easier. Use this as your last chance to restore missing health before you head into the final underpass.

Underpass #17[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-17.png

You've made it here, but the Foot Clan is determined to make sure you never leave. When you first enter, do your best to clear the way of every enemy as you make your way down the conveyor belts. Then proceed to the right and walk across the next series of conveyor belts. As usual, Donatello will have the easiest time reaching the enemies and laser turrets below the belts so that you can safely proceed. When you reach the end of the last belt simply drop down to avoid the spikes, then come back a short distance to the left to drop through the hole in the floor.

In the first room that you come to, you'll have to drop through narrow gaps to reach the hole in the floor below. This is harder than it sounds because turtles can easily walk over single block gaps, so you have to intentionally stop yourself over the gap to fall through it. Before approaching the next floor below, this is a good time to practice the gap falls. In the lower left corner is a single slice of pizza for any turtle who could use two bars of health back. Make sure you have the mechanics of this room down before you leave, because you're going to have to do it flawlessly two times.

Once you drop through the floor, the real challenge begins. A set of spiked walls travel inward from both sides of the stage. You have absolutely no time to spare, you must perfectly navigate the gaps to reach the bottom before the walls close in on you. One touch from the walls will instantly kill your active turtle. This can be a very stressful part of the game. Each of the two rooms has an item. While the triple shuriken can be collected if you perfectly execute going through the right gap first, the full pizza in the second room is a trap, as it's impossible to collect without killing yourself.

When you succeed in safely reaching the bottom, you reach the lowest floor which contains no enemies. Simply walk to the right and enter the door to challenge the boss of the stage.

Underpass #18[edit]

TMNT NES map 4-18.png

You've reached the final destination, and inside this large bunker is a gigantic mouser robot. Fortunately, it does not move, it remains motionless in the center of the room. But it does have two ways to attack you; it can shoot laser beams from both eyes, and it will open its mouth to release regular mouser enemies. After doing so, it opens its mouth wide, revealing a small glowing orb inside. This is the mouser's only weak point. You must wait for this orb to appear and strike it as much as you can before the mouser closes its mouth and repeats the attacks.

Fortunately, it doesn't take too much strategy to defeat this boss. It's possible to stand just inside of the mouser's downward eye beams, and still be a little to one side of the mouser's mouth, where the smaller regular-sized mousers drop down from. After the beams are fired, prepare to destroy some of the smaller mousers, and then be ready to strike the orb when it appears. As usual, Donatello's bo can eliminate the orb's health faster than the other turtles' weapons. So it's recommended that you stick him beneath the mouser's mouth and jump up while attacking upwards to strike the orb until the giant robot is defeated.

Upon succeeding, the turtles exit the bunker to discover their Turtle Blimp waiting for them. They hop in and lift off, heading to the location of the enemy base as the sun sets, and nightfall begins.