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This template is used to display unit information for Age of Mythology.


  • image: Image name and extension, i.e. "AoM villager.png" (optional)
  • imagesize: Size of image in pixels, i.e. "30px" (optional)
  • cost: Cost of the unit
  • hp: HP of the unit
  • speed: Speed of the unit
  • hack: Hack power
  • range: Unit range
  • ha: Hack armor
  • pa: Pierce armor
  • ca: Crush armor


{{{imagesize}}} 50 AOM food.JPG
HP Speed
65 3.8
Hack Range
8 12 (arrows)
Hack Armor Pierce Armor Crush Armor
25% 34% 99%
{{AoM unit
|image=Aom villager greek.JPG
|cost=50 [[Image:AOM food.JPG]]
|range=12 (arrows)