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This template is used to link to archived pages, typically talk pages and the Staff Lounge. To archive a page, move it to a new page, e.g. pagename/Archive 1, or pagename/1. Then go back to the original page and replace the redirect with the Archive template, passing a link to the newly archived page (and any previously archived pages) in the sole parameter.

If there is content you want to keep at the top, copy it from the archived page instead of copying the parts you want to be archived to a new archive page. This will ensure that the edit history stays with the archived page and a fresh one is started with the new page. If you are using the Archive template on the page you now want to archive, don't forget to remove it from the page.

{{Archive|[[User talk:Username/Archive 1|Archive 1]]<br />[[User talk:Username/Archive 2|Archive 2]]}}