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Customizable boss wrapper based on Final Fantasy VII boss template. Add colors for border, background and hilight, then add an optional guide-specific data table template.


  • border: Color of both the outer and inner borders. Defaults to black.
  • background: Color of the background of the entire template.
  • hilite: Color of the background where the boss name displays. For best results, use the same color for the headings in the optional table.
  • name: Boss name.
  • text: Text writeup for description, strategy, etc.
  • image: Image file name and extension, i.e. Game Name bossname.png.
  • imagesize: Image width in pixels, i.e. 150px.
  • tablecode: Your guide-specific table template, i.e. {{Game Name/Boss info|level=10|hp=100|magic=100}}.

Guide-specific template[edit]

For the purpose of this example, assume you are including the optional info table to display the boss level, HP and magic. Replace all instances of Guide Name with the name of your guide.

Template code

This code goes in your guide-specific template, i.e. Template:Guide Name/Boss. You just need to put in the colors you want to use for border, background and hilite.

|tablecode={{Guide Name/Boss info|level={{{level}}}|hp={{{hp}}}|magic={{{magic}}}}}
Template copy/paste

Put this inside your <noinclude> tags for easy copying and pasting into guide pages. This is what the user will fill out on the guide page, and includes everything you need for this template (Template:Boss) and your optional info table template (Template:Guide Name/Boss info). Just add the parameters from your info table template at the end (i.e. level, hp and magic).

{{Guide Name/Boss
Optional info table

If you're including the table below the text in the template, it's easier to create a separate template for it and use that (see template code above), i.e. Template:Guide Name/Boss info. Just add a color after background-color: (it looks good when you use the same color you used for hilite above).

!style="background-color:"| Level
!style="background-color:"| Hit Points
!style="background-color:"| Magic
|width="33.33%" style="text-align:center"|{{{level}}}
|width="33.33%" style="text-align:center"|{{{hp}}}
|width="33.33%" style="text-align:center"|{{{magic}}}