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Displays a card out of a standard deck of playing cards.



  • <face>: 2 through 10, j for Jack, q for Queen, k for King and a for Ace.
  • <suit>: c for Clubs, d for Diamonds, h for Hearts, and s for Spades.
  • Special cards
    • jokerred: Red Joker.
    • jokerblack: Black Joker.
    • back: Back of the card (blue).
    • backred: Back of the card (red).


Card 2c.png{{card|2c}}

Card jokerred.png{{card|jokerred|50}}

Card qh.png{{card|qh}}

Card back.png{{card|back}}

Card 3s.png Card 7d.png Card 8s.png Card 9d.png Card 10c.png {{card|3s|50}} {{card|7d|50}} {{card|8s|50}} {{card|9d|50}} {{card|10c|50}}