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This template is used to display system- or country-specific companies pertaining to a game (i.e. developers or publishers). Only use this when more than one company exists for a given category (i.e. developers or publishers).


  • The first parameter specifies the company's category name.
  • The second parameter (optional) specifies the country initials, or system ID for the icon to use.
  • The third parameter (optional) specifies text to be put in some brackets after the rest of the template.
  • The fourth parameter (optional) specifies alternate text to use in the company link.
  • Use {{co/nocat}} for this markup without automatic categorization.

{{co|MacSoft Games|mac}}

Mac OS icon.png MacSoft Games


Flag of Japan.svg Nintendo

{{co|Turtle Rock Studios|us|Fooishbar}}

Flag of the United States.svg Turtle Rock Studios (Fooishbar)

{{co|Midway Games|us||Bally Midway}}

Flag of the United States.svg Bally Midway


Flag of Japan.svg Nintendo


  • If you're not using the second parameter, you may just as well use a plain link to the company, rather than this template: [[MacSoft Games]]
  • This template automatically puts the company's category tag in ([[Category:Company Name]]), so don't add it at the bottom of the page.
  • Please use the company name at the time when the game was published with the fourth parameter, if it differs from the category name.
  • Use {{co/nocat}} to suppress automatic categorization by company.